January 14, 2010

Jim Coffey, Roscommon Giant Update

A new article about Jim Coffey appeared in yesterday's issue of the Roscommon Herald .  I have previously written about Jim, a professional boxer who came to the United States from Ireland in 1919 and returned to his homeland sometime between 1920 and 1923.

Coffey had fought more than 100 fights but only about 44 of them had been officially ruled on.  His record at retirement in 1920 was 38 wins and 6 losses.

Interested readers can click on the above Roscommon Herald link to read this latest article celebrating his life as an Irish Catholic boxer.

I do not know how long articles from the Herald remain online.

From the Bisbee Daily Review [Arizona], Jan. 8, 1916

Moran Whips Coffey

NEW YORK, Jan. 7. - Frank Moran, of Pittsburg, knocked out Jim Coffey, the Dublin Giant [sic], in the ninth round at Madison Square Garde.

This was Moran's second victory over Coffey in twenty weeks. The first fight ended in three rounds. Coffey showed improvement tonight. Moran's terrific smashes failed to show any effect until the eighth. Coffey was knocked down four times in the ninth. The last time Moran almost drove him through the ropes. His seconds realizing Coffey was hopelessly beaten threw the sponge in the ring to avoid a complete knock out.

The Bisbee Daily Review, Sep. 4, 1917

Coffey Wins Bout

NEW YORK, Sept. 3 - Jim Coffey, the Irish heavyweight, outfought Bartley Madden of this city in a ten-round bout here tonight. Coffey was the aggressor through, Madden's footwork enabling him to evade Coffey's best blows. Coffey weighed 203 pounds and Madden 180.

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