January 1, 2010

Notes on Housekeeping Changes

Long time readers may notice some additional conveniences (or, distractions if you prefer) added to the sidebar.

One of those is the addition of a "gadget" that gives readers more of a choice in how they subscribe to this blog; actually, a choice of which reader they prefer to use. Personally, I use the Google reader for my subscriptions. They all show up in that web-based reader, and I check them daily to catch up on what my favorite bloggers are writing about. Some of them are listed in the side bar under "Stuff I Read," but not all blogs that I read are included.

Readers can subscribe to comments only; e.g., those remarks left by other readers. However, those are rare as most readers prefer to e-mail comments to me.

Another way to read this blog is to click on the "Follow" button. You can use several accounts that you may already have such as Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc.

Readers may also notice the copyright notice under the "creative commons act." Basically, it means that you can use nearly everything you find in this blog for your personal use but, you must credit me and this blog. If you also have a blog and use any of my info, you are requested to place a permanent link back to me on your blog page. Photos appearing in the blog are owned by their contributor and permission to use should be obtained before you use them elsewhere on the internet. Full details can be found by clicking on the link. You may not edit any photo to remove credit lines.

A suggested source templet:

Jack Coffee, Subtitle, Coffey/Coffee Call, Blog Date, URL, access date, specific content.


Source: Jack Coffee, Descendants of John Coffey, Coffey/Coffee Call, Jan. 12, 2005, http://coffeycousins.blogspot.com/2005/10/descendants-of-john coffey.html, Jun. 15, 2007, "John Coffey, born to James and Vera Smith Coffey, Jan. 1, 1810."

At the top left of the blog page you will find a Search block. Type in a surname and click on the magnifying glass. Any of my blogs in which that surname appears will (should) open in a new window on your monitor. Of course, if you type Coffey, it will return nearly all of the 900+ blogs that I have written! If you are looking for a specific Coffey, try entering their first and middle name, surrounded by quotes. Otherwise, search for them using a wife's maiden name or, some other parameter.

Way down at the bottom of the each blog page you will find a link to display all of the Coffey/Coffee (and allied families) whose grave sites and headstone photos I have submitted to the Find-A-Grave website.

Just below that link is a Google search bar that has been customized to find Coffey related info.

The Edward Coffey Project link remains in the sidebar. This link allows readers to purchase a CD or DVD of all the descendant information that I have compiled to date on that family. The price remains at $10 for the time being. You are not required to have a Pay Pal account to order the CD.

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