January 23, 2010

William Allen and Mary Wiseman Coffey

I received some nice photos of William and Mary from Jo Ann Coffey Peeper a few days ago.

William & Mary Wisman Coffey
William was a son of Thomas and Kissiah Varnier Coffey, born 1831 in Saline Co., IL. Mary was the daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Winfrey Wiseman and, was born on Dec. 27, 1835 in Camden Co., MO. She and William were married Mar. 22, 1855 in Camden Co.  William died Aug. 13, 1906 in Camden Co.; Mary died Dec. 14, 1913 in Reeds Spring, Stone Co., MO.

Their children as I have them, were all born in Missouri:

L-R: Jasper, Albert, James, Rufus & Thomas Coffey
George, born c1856; Louisa, born c1858; Rufus, born c1861; Keziah Clementine, born c1863; Caldonia, born Oct. 5, 1865, died Jul. 24, 1935 in Walla Walla, WA; Sarah Ellen, born c1866; Thomas, born c1868; James E., born c1871 and Jasper, born c1874.

In her e-mail, Jo Ann wrote that William was known by Allen.  All of their children were  born in Miller and Camden Co.  She lists one additional child, a son named Albert, born 1872 that I have not yet researched.

Jo Ann doesn't name George as one of their sons, so it's possible that George is Albert, but ages do not match.  He will require additional research.

Jo Ann noted that William and Mary appear to be stern, "but the story was that everyone loved to be in their home because they were so loving and kind."

Update - Jan. 30, 2010

I received this from Jo Ann yesterday:

"On the photo of William Allen sons you didn't name them from left to right.
Jasper b 1872 - Albert b 1870 - James b 1868 - Rufus b 1861 and Thomas b 1858.
I see I had the date for Albert as 1872, and should have been 1870.

[I have them identified on the photograph.  However, I seem to have omitted a comma between James and Rufus.]

Also there is a conflict with the date for Thomas. The 1880 census has him born in 1868 and the 1870 census has him 1858. (Note: to find William Allen Coffey for the 1870 census he is listed as William Alen, with Alen being the last name.) Crazy!  We know it is the right census because of the place and names.

My brother Fred has the Civil War application for William Allen Coffey, dated Feb.25, 1891. The children listed are as follows: George b. 1856 -  Thomas b. 1858  - Rufus b. 1861 - Clementine b. 1863 -Caldonia b. 65 - James b. 1868 - Albert b. 1870 - Jasper b. 1872. The application is signed by William Allen Coffey and Rufus Coffey.

Also I said James 1871, The Civil War app. has him 1868.

So Fred and I decided to go with the dates on the Civil War Application. I hope this makes sense, and clears up the difference between George and Albert."

Thanks again,

Jo Ann

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