February 13, 2010

"Those Were The Days"

Harry & Ada Irene Clements Webb
"Gee! Our old Lasalle ran great!"
I have always enjoyed hearing Archie and Edith Bunker sing that song.  It has nothing to do with this blog, however.  Just seemed like a good title.

Anyone old enough to remember when ladies and gentlemen dressed in this fashion?  I love Harry's  double-breasted white suit.  In fact I had one like it which I wore with white patent leather shoes and white suspenders.  That was during my disco days; a very long time ago!

Because of the corsage worn by both, I am presuming that this photo recorded an anniversary celebration.  They were married c1906.

In 1930, Harry was age 49 and Ada was age 39.  They had been married 24 years.  So, if this was perhaps their 25th anniversary photo, the year would have been late 1930 or early 1931.

It could have been in the 40's too!  The crocheted* bodice of Ada's dress is very similar to one that I recall my maternal grandmother wearing when her youngest daughter married in 1945.

Alas, as the title of this blog has nothing to do with the content, the blog itself has nothing to do with Coffee/y research.  The photo appears in an album belonging to someone for whom I am doing research.  Their clothing and quality of the photo struck me as something others might enjoy viewing.

Update Feb. 17, 2010

Well, let me see if I can straighten this out:  Ada was first married to Robert Leviston c1920 in Powhatan Co., VA.  They had a daughter, Katherine born c1921 who married a Mr. Krug.  Katherine and Mr. Krug had at least two children.

Robert died sometime after 1921 and Ada married Harry V. Webb who had also been previously married; wife's name unknown.  He had a son with her, Russell C. Webb, born in NC c1913.

So, the photo above appears to be - rather than an anniversary photo - a wedding photo taken sometime between c1922 and 1930.

*It appears to me to be crocheted.  If any of you ladies know exactly what it was please drop me a note!

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