March 13, 2010

Stuff I Read and other comments!

Ever check out the "Stuff I Read" column to the right of this blog.

If you are not already a subscriber to any of them I would encourage all Coffey/Coffee Call readers to check them from time to time.  Each of the authors are skilled bloggers who offer many good ideas and tips designed to enhance your own blogging and research experience.  I have learned a lot by reading many of them on a regular basis.

Some of my fellow bloggers have chosen to become "followers" of this blog.  Check them out as well.  Their research doesn't fit with much of mine, but the authors often write about document trails and other ways - sometimes unconventional that I had not considered or even thought of - they have gone in order to crack a "brick wall."

Please drop me a note if you read any other genealogy blogs of note so that I may check them out for myself.   Also, please, if you are a blogger who concentrates on writing about genealogy let me know.  For these, I prefer e-mail notification over remarks at the bottom of the page.

By the way, some readers have asked if I am a professional genealogist.  I am not and do not ever plan to be.    However, my prior life's work where attention to detail was a requisite skill, allows me to tout myself as a "research specialist."  All of my work is dedicated to improving those skills and being as accurate as I can possibly be.

PS:  Forgot to mention the new tabs at the top of each blog page.  Home is obvious.  The Edward Coffey Project explained will take you to a page describing what that project is about.  The third tab is something like an FAQ but technically isn't.  It describes somewhat how you might go about searching for certain names that may be mentioned in the 900+ blogs that I've written to-date.

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