April 10, 2010

Meredith and Elizabeth "Betsy" Hopper Coffey

I've previously written a small bit about Meredith as a son of John W. & Rebecca Ragsdale Coffey.  The original blog written in Sept., 2007 can be viewed by clicking on the title link.

This is a little of what I wrote:

Meredith, born Jan. 6, 1822, died Feb. 10, 1892 [unsourced]. In the 1860 McDonald Co., MO census he was 33 yrs old indicating that he was born closer to 1827. This would be a more reasonable date compared to birth years of other children. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Hopper c1841 in McDonald Co. They appeared there in the 1860 census, 1861 McDonald Co. tax rolls, and the 1870 and 1880 census. Meredith is thought to have died there on Feb. 10, 1892.
Beginning with Meredith the family spelled their name Coffee.  All of the photos of family headstones that I have seen now standing in the Jane, McDonald Co., MO cemetery are inscribed with that spelling.  Additionally, all census records that I have inspected spell the family name that way.  The few death certificates so far located also show this spelling.  Living descendants might also continue this practice.

Meredith and Elizabeth's children as I know them were:

Eliza, born c1842 in TN, died c1880, place unknown - is said to have married a Mr. Pitts.  No other information.

William Harrison, born Feb. 24, 1843 in TN, died Jul. 6, 1921 in Pineville Twp., McDonald Co., MO and was buried at Jane cemetery.  He married Hilead* Oakley Caudille on Jan. 22, 1868 in McDonald Co.  She was born Jan. 26, 1850 in Robinson Co., KY and died in Jane on Feb. 6, 1912.  She too is buried at Jane.

William and Hilead had at least 13 children, all thought to have been born in McDonald Co.:

1 - James "Milo", born Jul. 8, 1869, died Mar, 23, 1936 in Fairview, Newton Co., MO.  He is buried at Davey Cemetery in Fairview.

2 - Mary Eliza, born Jan. 8, 1873, died Apr. 20, 1933 in Pineville Twp.  She married James William Ross, born Oct. 5 1865 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE, died Feb. 12, 1937 in Pineville Twp.  According to their death certificates, both are buried in Pineville.  James was a son of Samuel Lafayette and Mahala Prigmore Ross.

3 - Edward Enoch, born Apr. 27, 1874, died May 27, 1961 in Pineville.  He married Pearl C. [LNU], born C1888 in MO.  They had at least two children; Gladys, born c1907 and Glesnor [sic] (male), born c1910.  Both are buried at Pineville.

4 - Minnie Zeronia, born Oct. 16, 1875 and died May 29, 1943 in Jane.  She is said to have married a Mr. Mulkey.

5 - Alby or Albie, [female] born Jan. 27, 1877, died Mar. 11, 1923.

6 - Alex M., born Jun. 8, 1878, died Aug., 1879, buried at Jane.

7 - Arthur E., born Oct. 8, 1879, died Feb. 4, 1938 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA.  He married Nora [LNU], born c1883 in MO.  They had children: Violet, Martin, Winfred, Jesse, Aaron, Earl and Viva, all born in MO between 1904 and 1918.

8 - John Finis, born Jun. 23, 1881, died Jan. 3, 1957 in Rogers, Benton Co., AR.  He married Coral L. [LNU] c1909 and had children: unnamed infant, born before Dec. 22, 1912, died on that date and buried at Jane; Pansy, born Aug. 30, 1914, died Oct. 15, 1904, also buried at Jane and shares a headstone with the unnamed infant; Orreta, born c1916 and Loretta, born c1917.

I have not yet found spouses for the remaining children, some of whom are also likely buried at Jane or Pineville:

9 - Meredith, born Feb. 26, 1884, died May, 1885 in Jane. 

10 - Albert, born May 26, 1885, died 1887 in Jane.

11 - Pearl, born Jan. 7, 1887, died Jan. 24, 1977.

12 - Grace, born Mar. 20, 1890, died Aug. 5, 1921.

13 - Oma, born Jan. 13, 1893, died Sep. 7, 1958.  She is said to have been buried at Brush Creek cemetery in Pineville.

More later...

*Her death certificate reads Hildred; her headstone reads Hilead.  Marriage sources (Hunting for Bears and  Woodrunn's 1971 Marriage Records, McDonald County, Missouri, read Hilead

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