May 10, 2010

Andrew Jackson Coffey (1833 NC - 1903 MO)

Note:  There are many Coffey men named Andrew Jackson.  Some of the below information is known to be accurate for this one, but some of it has not yet been confirmed.  Some of his wives and their children may not match up correctly. Please use with caution and contact me with any additions or corrections.

This Andrew Jackson Coffey was a son of Cleveland and Susan Hayes Coffey, born Dec. 1, 1833 in Ashe Co., NC, died Dec. 3, 1903 in Ozark Co., MO.

He was first married on Mar. 3, 1850 to Pricilla [sic] Emeline Hayes in Rutledge, Grainger Co., TN.1  No children are known to have been born to this union.  On Sep. 1, 1851 he married Louisa Jane Hutchinson in Grainger Co.2

Louisa was born c1833 in TN and died c1871 in Ozark Co., MO.  Children credited to them were: Althela M., born Jun. 25, 1852 in TN, died Feb. 4, 1919 in Ozark Co.  She married Zachariah Maritt, born Apr. 25, 1847 in Bradley Co., TN, died Dec. 15, 1893 in Ozark Co.  They are said to have married on Oct. 2, 1866 in Ozark Co.  Althela is the only child with known descendants.  The other children by Louisa, all born in Ozark Co., were: Susan Ann, born c1856; Thomas J., born c1859; William Wesley, born c1860; James Timp, born c1862; Andrew Jackson, Jr., born Oct. 20, 1864, died Aug. 25, 1944 in Los Angeles, CA3; and Cleveland P., born c1868.4 5

Andrew's third wife was Rachel Imes of Ozark Co.6  They married c1870, probably in Ozark Co., and 11 children are credited to that union, all born in Ozark Co.:  Joseph Ambrose, born c1872; Louisa J., born c1874; Nancy Mahala, born c1876; Avarella, born c1878; Robert S., born c1879; Melissa, born c1881; John T., born Jun., 1884; Charles Green, born Apr. 16, 1885, died Sep. 3, 1913 in Pontiac, Ozark Co.; Francis, born Jan. 8, 1866; Effie Eliza, born May 4, 1888, died May 3, 1960 in Wagoner Co., OK; and Albert Alexander, born Jun. 22, 1891.

Of these, Nancy Mahala married Shadric Quick c1900 in MO and had children:  Elbert, Celess, Hettie, Bennie, Eunice and Roxie.  Avarella married Jess Harper c1898 and had children: Oma, Clyde, Arizona, Austin and Benonia.  Effie married Nathan Eber Long, born Sep, 1880, died May, 1951 in Wagoner Co., OK.  No children are known to me.

The fourth wife to Andrew was Nancy Hamilton Tannehill to whom he was married c1893.  Only one child is credited to this union:  May Onia, born Mar. 2, 1895 in Dugginsville, Ozark Co.

There was an Andrew J. Coffey in the 1890 Special Schedule - Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows, etc. for Bridges, Ozark Co., MO, Page 3, SD4, ED148, Minor Civil Division Bridges Twp., MO.  It shows that he was a Private in Co., F., Phelps Mo. Infantry, and that he enlisted on Dec. 10, 1861, and was discharged May 12, 1862, having served for 5 months and 2 days.  His address at the time of the census was at Gainesville PO in Ozark Co.  He suffered from a "spinal affliction from penumonia."

Another entry on Page 4, SD4, ED148, marked "Dup" for Andrew J. Coffey in the same location as above shows that he was a 2d Lieutenant who served in Co., I, 146 MO Inf from Nov. 21, 1864 to 24 May 1865 for a total of 6 months, 3 days.  He also suffered from an "Injury of Spine."

Additional census work is needed in an attempt to find Andrew Jackson in the 1850 and 1900 record.

1 Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002. Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm.  Name: Jackson Coffee Spouse: Prescilla E Hayes Marriage Date: 30 Mar 1851 Marriage County: Grainger Marriage State: Tennessee 

2 Ibid:  Name: and J Coffey Spouse: Louiza Hutcheson Marriage Date: 1 Sep 1831 [sic] [1851] Marriage County: Grainger Marriage State: Tennessee. From Marriage Bonds and Licenses, 1835-1866, Grainger Co., Tennessee, Book 2, Billie Wyrick Kennerly, Houston, Texas, Bond Thomas J. Coffee

3 California Death Index, 1940-1997. Original electronic data: State of California. California Death Index, 1940-1997. Sacramento, CA: State of California Department of Health Services, Center for Health Statistics, 19--.  Name: COFFEY, ANDREW JACKSON Social Security #: 0 Sex: MALE Birth Date: 20 Oct 1864 Birthplace: Missouri Death Date: 25 Aug 1944 Death Place: LOS ANGELES Mother's Maiden Name: HUTCHINSON Father's Surname: COFFEY

4 1860 Ozark Co., Falling Spring PO, Page 41, dwelling/family 273, Andrew J. Coffee, age 26, white male, farmer, $200, $325, born NC; Louiza, age 27, female, white, born TN; Athela, age 8, female, white, born TN; Susan A., age 4, female, white, born MO; Thomas J., age 1, male, white, born MO

5 1870 Ozark Co., Bridges Twp., Gainesville PO, Page 5, dwelling/family 34, Coffee, A. J., age 38, male, white, farmer, $1000, $1433, born NC; Louisia [sic] Jane, age 38, female, white, keeping house, born TN; Mary A., age 24, female, white, without occupation, born MO; Susan Ann, age 13, female, white, at home, born MO; Thomas J., age 11, male, white, at home, born MO; William G., age 15, male, white, farm laborer, born MO; James F., age 8, male, white, at home, born MO; Andrew J., age 5 male, white, at home, born MO; Cleveland P., age 2, male, white, at home, born MO.  [Who is Mary?]

6 1880 Ozark Co., Bridges Twp, ED109, Page 13, dwelling 89, family 98, Coffey, A. J., white male, age 47, married, farmer, born NC, parents born NC; Rachel, white female, age 29, wife, married, keeping house, lung disease, born MO, parents born MO; James T., white male, age 16, son, born MO, father born NC, mother born TN; Cleveland P., white male, age 11, son, born MO, father born NC, mother born TN; Ambros, white male, age 8, son, born MO, father born NC, mother born TN; Loneza [?] J., white female, age 6, dau., born MO, father born NC, mother born TN; Nancy M., white female, age 5, dau., born MO, father born NC,mother born TN; Ava R., white female, age 2, dau., born MO, father born NC, mother born TN; Robert S., white male, age 1, son, born MO, father born NC, mother born TN; Imes, Mary A., white female, age 52, mother-in-law, widow, born TN, parents born VA; Imes, Nancy J., white female, age 23, sister-in-law, single, born TN, parents born TN

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