May 22, 2010

Jesse & Elizabeth Riffe Coffey (Follow-up)

Jesse and Elizabeth are known to have had at least 10 children.  Of those, about half of them went west from Kentucky to settle north of Dallas in Collin Co., TX.  Some of them raised their families in Anna, Melissa, and Van Alstyne while some moved just up the road to Sherman in Grayson Co.

Those who ended up in TX:

Osborn Nightingale Coffey, born Feb. 4, 1807 in Casey Co., KY, death date and place unknown.  He married Jane Bell on Sep. 4, 1829 in Lincoln Co., KY.  At least one of their sons, Finley Luckey Coffey, born July 7, 1849, went west and settled in Beaumont, Jefferson Co., TX where he died on Apr. 13, 1926.  Osborn and Jane are not known to have gone to TX but, may have!

Mary Coffey, born Apr. 25, 1808 in Wayne Co., KY, died in Casey Co. on May 29, 1842.  She married Jeremiah Vardaman on Mar. 12, 1829 in Casey Co.  After Mary died, Jeremiah and five of his seven children went to Texas.

Mary Elizabeth, the eldest, born Aug. 1, 1832, died May 1, 1877 in Texas, exact place unknown right now.  Lucy, born Nov. 13, 1834 in Lincoln Co., died Feb. 22, 1901 in Grayson Co., TX.  Third Was Ephriam Pennington born Jan. 9, 1837 in KY, died Mar. 6, 1901 in Collin Co., TX.  Patsy Jane, born Jan. 29, 1838 in Lincoln Co. was next.  She married Richard Nightingale Portman on Jan. 4, 1858 in KY.  He died in Collin Co. in 1886; she on Oct. 18, 1926.  He is buried in the Highland Cemetery at Anna while she is buried at Throckmorton cemetery in Melissa.

Following Patsy Jane was Jesse Morgan Vardaman, born Feb. 3, 1839 in Lincoln Co., died May 17, 1903, I think in Collin Co.  He married Hannah, born c1834 in KY and their first child Mary was born there in 1853.  I know of three others, George, Patsy and Betsy - the last two likely twins, born c1859 - were born in TX.

I believe the last child born to Jeremiah and Mary Coffey Vardaman was Jeremiah, Jr., born Jan. 1840, died May, 1863 in TN during the Civil War.  I've seen another genealogy that credits Jeremiah, Sr. with fathering John in 1846, KY, but that was after Mary died and I have not found him married to anyone after he death.

Minerva Coffey was Jesse and Elizabeth's sixth child.  She was born Nov. 15, 1814 in Casey Co., and died in Collin Co. on Feb. 7, 1891.  Her spouse was James H. Slaughter, born Apr. 8, 1812 in Wayne Co., KY and died in Collin Co. on Apr. 17, 1895.  They apparently did not leave KY until 1851 or 52 because their second to last child was born in KY on Feb. 1, 1851 and the last on Ma.r 19, 1853 in Collin Co.  They had at least nine children and, six are known to have survived to marry and raise their own family.

Jesse Perry was the ninth child and he was born Mar. 17, 1823 in Casey Co., died in Collin Co. on Apr. 5, 1906.  He married Tabitha Slaughter - undoubtedly some relation to James, husband of Minerva - and they had at least eight children, the last four born in TX.  Tabitha was born Feb. 14, 1822 in KY and died Aug. 26, 1909 in Collin Co.

Their eldest son was Matthew Slaughter Coffey, born c1844 in KY, died c1929 in Grayson Co., TX.  He was married in Grayson Co. to Virginia Texana Butridge, a daughter of Riley E. and Susan Watson Butridge.  Virginia was born on Jul. 31, 1854 in Sherman and died there on Sep. 27, 1949.  They raised at least five children:  Gabriella, Birdie, twins Pearl and Earl and Richard "Dick."

Matthew's brother, James Perry, Jr., was born Jan. 18, 1851 in KY and died Jan. 16, 1931 in McKinney.  James married Sally Margaret Griffin, born Sep. 1, 1864, where not known, died Jan. 30, 1943 in Collin Co.  I know they had at least one child, Malcolm T. who lived less than two years, born Oct. 4, 1876, died Oct. 1, 1878 in Collin Co.

Anna Belle Coffey, married Finley Luckey Coffey.  You can read about this family here.

Child six was William G., born c1859; seven was Galen, born Sep. 2, 1862, died Dec. 4, 1889 in Collin Co; and last was Cynthia McKinney, born Oct. 8, 1865, died unmarried on Feb. 23, 1966 in McKinney.

Most of these families are buried in the cemeteries at Anna and Melissa in Collin Co.

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