December 8, 2010

William Larkin Coffey & Nancy A. Dryman

William Larkin Coffey was a son of Lewis Elbert & Jester "Hettie" Gravitt Coffey. He was born in Gilmer Co., GA on Mar. 23, 1853 and died in Morgan Co., TN on Nov. 18, 1905. He married Nancy A. Dryman, a daughter of Leonard and Nancy Alexander Dryman on Aug. 6, 1875 in Pickens Co., GA. Nancy was born there on Feb. 23, 1854 and died in Oakdale, Morgan Co., TN on Apr. 3, 1945.

Nancy and William were the parents of nine children:

Leonard Edward, born Apr., 1876 in Georgia, died Nov. 7, 1964 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. He married Eva Jane Gamble on Spe. 15, 1899 in Roane Co., TN. She was born on Feb. 14, 1882 in Arkansas and died Dec. 28, 1956 in Hamilton Co., OH. They are buried at Crab Orchard Cemetery in Oakdale.

James Harrison, born Jul. 29, 1878 in Pickens Co., died Jul. 15, 1966 in Harriman, Roane Co. TN. His wife was Annie Laymance, born Feb. 21, 1880 in TN, died Aug. 16, 1962 in Roane Co. They were married on Feb. 28, 1897 in Roane Co. They are buried at Riggs Chapel Cemetery in Harriman.

Josie, born Jun. 28, 1880 in GA, died in Murray Co., GA on Nov. 6, 1881. Josie's burial site is unknown to me at the moment.

Rosa Lee, born Nov. 16, 1882 in Murray Co., GA, died Oct. 8, 1960 in Morgan Co., TN. Rosa married Arthur Samuel Shepherd, born Dec. 20, 1882 in VA, died Sep. 17, 1959 in Morgan Co. They are buried at Rankin Chapel Cemetery in Oakdale, Morgan Co.

William M. "Bill,", born Sep. 5, 1855 in Monroe Co., GA, died Jan. 3, 1944 in Morgan Co. His first wife was Lucy Robbins, a daughter of Zachariah & Mary Hurst Robbins. They were married on Dec. 17, 1910 in Roane Co. Lucy was born Nov., 1890 in Bell Co., KY and died in Morgan Co., TN on Mar. 25, 1917. Sometime after her death Bill married her sister, Donnie. William and Lucy are buried at Crab Orchard. I have not located Donnie's burial site.

Walter F., born Mar. 3, 1889 in TN, died My 31, 1970 in Roane Co. He married Nora E. Adkisson, born Jul. 27, 1897 in TN, died Oct. 12, 1982 in Roane Co. Both are buried at Crab Orchard along with three of their children: Jesse Alden, born Jul. 9, 1920, died Apr. 18, 2008; Clara Leon, born Mar. 22, 1922, died Dec. 19, 1944; Clarence William, born Mar. 22, 1922, died May 19, 1998 [twin to Clara]. A fourth child, Laura Mae, was born Oct. 5, 1926 and died Mar. 6, 2000. She is buried at Piney Grove Cemetery near Midtown, Roane Co.

Lawrence W., born Dec. 5, 1891 in McMinn Co., TN, died Jan. 9, 1971 in Morgan Co. He married Essie Edwards on Jun. 5, 1919 in Roane Co. Essie was born Jun. 15, 1905 in Roane Co., and died Jun. 17, 1997 in Morgan Co. They are also buried at Crab Orchard with five of their six children: Vance W., born Nov. 26, 1920, died Oct. 8, 1988; Helen Annalene, born Dec. 16, 1923, died July 20, 1993; Franklin Delano, born Noc. 23, 1932, died Dec. 2, 1998. He is buried at Roane Memorial Gardens in Rockwood, Roane Co. Leonard, born May 10, 1935, died May 2, 2008 and Larry James, born May 6, 1944, died Jul 11, 1972 are at Crab Orchard.

Coral Vernie Mae, born Jun. 22, 1894 in Rhea Co., TN, died Mar. 3, 1975 in Roane Co.  She married Charles Robert Clark on Mar. 11, 1912 in Roane Co.  Charles was born in Morgan Co. on Mar. 30, 1884 and died there on Mar. 23, 1958.  Together, Charles and Coral had eight children:

1) Rev. Arnold Robert, born Apr. 22, 1914, died Sep. 28, 1994.  He married Aline Brooks on Jun. 23, 1940 in TN.  Aline was born Sep. 10, 1916 in Roane Co., and died there on Dec. 20, 1988.  Both are buried at Rankin Chapel Cemetery in Oakdale, Morgan Co.

2) Mable, born Apr. 16, 1916 in Morgan Co. and there died Aug. 24, 1999.  Her husband was David Morgan Blake to whom she was married on Apr. 4, 1951.  He died Dec. 9, 1963, she Aug. 24, 1999, both in Oakdale and are buried at Rankin Chapel.

3) Myrtle, twin to Mabel, died Apr. 15, 2007 in Oakdale.  She married the REv. Fred Ewing Copeland, born Mar. 28, 1918 in Fulton Co., AR, died Feb. 24, 2009 in TN.  They too are buried at Rankin Chapel.

4) Walter Larkin, born May 9, 1918, died Nov. 9, 2006, and buried at Mount Teman Baptist Church cemetery at Rockwood in Roane Co.

5) Albert Lewis, born Nov. 8, 1920 in Oakdale, died Jan. 7, 2009 at Harriman and is buried at Rankin Chapel.

6) Lela Lodena, born Nov. 13, 1922 in Morgan Co. and, died there on Dec. 17, 1999.  Her spouse was Billie Watson, born Jan. 6, 1925, died Oct. 20, 2006.  They are also buried at Rankin Chapel.

7) Carl Boone, born Jun. 2, 1925, died Mar 9, 1995 at Oak Ridge in Anderson Co., TN.  He was also buried at Rankin Chapel.

8) Twin sister to Carl, Carlene, died shortly after birth and also buried at Rankin Chapel.
A descendant who uses the name "Benna J." has established several very nice memorial pages for this family on Find-A-Grave and, has included photographs and obituaries.   Start with this page and following the links she has established.

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