January 24, 2011

Martin Coffey, Jailer, Black-Dog Prison, Newhall Market, Dublin, IR

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  1. Lee Anne Brumm1:13 AM

    Let me introduce myself, I am the Granddaughter of Thelma October Coffey Mappes. Her father was James Gabriel Coffey and her Grandfather was Francis Marion Coffey. With that said, I am trying to find connections to Martin and Chelsey Coffey and beyond.

    Am I to understand that Martin was imprisioned for conduct unbecoming to his post as "Jailer"? And if so, when and where did he come to the U.S.?

    I have many family photos that I would like to upload to my site on myheritage.com however, time always seems short. I am going to try to accomplish some of the really old ones this summer with my children's help. Some of them are of James Gabriel and siblings; Pearl and her husband Curly, Annie, Permelia Jane and others are of his children through out the years up until about the 1980's. James Gabriel's (we called him "Pop") last remaining living child, Robert Dale Coffey, is in Arizona.

    I would appreciate hearing from you. My email address is: leeannebrumm@yahoo.com Thank you for your time and dedication to "our roots".

    Most sincerely,
    Lee Anne Brumm

  2. This Martin Coffey is not the same Martin born c1765 in Essex Co., VA. Some researchers believe that Martin in VA was a grandson of Edward and Ann Powell Coffey but a link hasn't been found. He is said to be a son of Chesley but we have found no records indicating that Chesley ever existed. Chesley could be a middle name but, in those early years middle names were very rare.


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