February 27, 2011

Finley T. and Mary Delight Clark Loudermelt - Corrections

Corrections/additions highlighted.

The Loudermelt surname is spelled any number of ways, depending, it seems, on the specific family.  One of my e-mail friends, Lloyd Coffey of Alexander Co., NC, wrote in response to my question about this, that families in his area of NC spell their surnames "Loudermelt", "Loudermilt", and "Lowdermilk".  His research into this family has uncovered such spellings as "Lautermilch," the original German spelling, as well as all of the above spellings except with the letter A instead of O.
Mary D. Clark Loudermelt
When Finley married Mary Delight Clark in Mitchell Co. on Dec. 25, 1883, his surname was spelled Lawdermilk on the marriage record.  In the 1920 census it was Loudermilk; Loudermelt in 1910 and Loudermilt in 1920.  I haven't found his death certificate, or any death record for that matter that would tell me how it was spelled on that document.  When Mary died in Taylorsville, Alexander Co. on Jan. 31, 1954, her name was spelled Loudermelt on the death certificate.  She was buried at Rocky Face Cemetery in Alexander Co.

Naming only their children known to have married Coffeys

Their first child was John Minford*, born Oct. 27, 1884, died Oct. 20, 1927.   John married Celia L. Coffey* on Oct. 7, 1910 in the Globe.  Celia was the daughter of Eldelano "Lano" and Mary E. Austin Coffey.  Celia was born in Caldwell Co., NC in Mar., 1891 and died Dec. 23, 1973.  Their children were Lottie, Eva Mae, Annie and Myrtle.  If the birth and death dates for John and Celia are close, then Celia lived for another 46 years after John died and, may have remarried.

Finley and Mary's fifth child was a daughter, Ella Mae, born Oct., 1891, died Feb. 11, 1975 in Lenoir, Caldwel Co.  She married Thomas Newton "Black Tom" Coffey on Dec. 5, 1909 in Mortimer, Caldwel Co.  Tom was the son of Jesse (Cleveland?) "Red Eye" Coffey and Lucinda Louise "Lou" Coffey Coffey.  Tom and Ella may had at least 13 children who produced a long line of descendants for the couple.  Please contact me for more info on their children.

Eliza Loudermelt Coffey
Jesse C. Coffey
Eliza was the sixth child born to Finly and Mary.  She was born Dec, 23, 1892 and died May. 18, 1987 at Hiddenite in Alexander Co.  Eliza married Jesse Cleveland, another son of "Red Eye" and Lou Coffey.  Jesse Cleveland was born Dec., 1888 in Caldwell Co., and died Sep. 28, 1923 in Norton, Wise Co., VA.  Jesse was shot and died of septicemia, and accounts of the shooting vary.  It appears to have been accidental.  Their children were six who also provided Jesse and Eliza with a long list of descendants.  Same offer as above for more info.  He is buried at Glenco Cemetery at Big Stone Gap, Wise Co., VA.  Eliza is buried at Rocky Face.

Romilous Linney followed Eliza in Nov., 1895 and married Alberta "Bertie" Coffey, a daughter of Samuel Monroe and Josephine "Josie" Dellinger Coffey.  Readers who need more info on Samuel and Josie should use the upper right "search this blog" window to find previous blogs about this family.  Romilous' death date and place of burial is not known to me.  Bertie is buried at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Lenoir.  I have only one child for the, a son by the name of Ronald "Ronnie" Loudermelt, born May 17, 1921 in Avery Co., died Apr. 28, 2010 in Lenoir. He is also buried at Woodlawn.

Ronald "Ronnie" was a son of Albert Abner Loudermilk by Bertie.   He and Bertie were not married.  Romilous "Rom" died of meningitis at age 19 and is buried at Lowdermilk Cemetery on Anthony Creek Road in Avery Co., near Carey's Flat.

When Romilous died in 1915, Bertie was just 10 years old and they were probably not romantically connected.  Bertie later married Clyde Johnson**.  This married produced at least one child, Essie Johnson.  I haven't found out what happened to Clyde but, sometime later she was with Albert Loudermelt**, a brother to Romilous.  Marriage - if there was one - to Albert apparently did not last too long because Albert married Julia Jennings** while Bertie was still living.  Finally, on May 25, 1926 Bertie*** married Andrew Jackson "Andy" Jennings and gave him at least eight children between 1925 and 1946.  Andy Jennings**** was brother to Julia who married Albert Loudermelt. Albert Abner (Ab) Loudermelt was shot and killed on Aug. 14, 1929 by Paris Coffey.

The last child that I am aware of being born to Finley and Mary was Mary Octavia on Oct. 9,1903 in Avery Co., died Mar. 31, 1977 in Boone, Watauga Co.  She married Fredrick Abner Coffey on May 12, 1922 in Carter Co., TN.  Fredrick was born Jan. 18, 1902 in Caldwell Co. to George Washington, Jr. and Tempey S. Calloway Coffey.  He died Apr. 6, 1930 in Banner Elk, then in Avery Co.  Frederick is buried at Boone Fork cemetery while Mary rests at Woodlawn Cemetery in Blowing Rock.  They had five children:  George, Mary Hazel, Roy Lee, Everette and Ola.

*Birth and Death dates unsourced.
**No marriage record found so far.

***Some of Bertie's marriages may be out of sequence or perhaps not marriages at all.  The only date that I have confirmed for Bertie is the one to Andy.
****He was also brother to Lavinia Jennings who married Raymond Dellinger, son of Reubed D. Keever and Rebecca S. Coffey Dellinger.  The Jennings were children of Van and Daisy Shelton Jennings.

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