February 23, 2011

Isaac Newton & Dorthula "Thula" Coffey Perry

Isaac was a son of Alfred D. & Margaret Ann Cabbage Perry.  He was born Apr. 27, 1892 in Tennessee, probably Grainger Co.  He was the youngest of Alfred and Margaret's 10 (at least) children.  Alfred and Margaret were married Jan. 12, 1871 in Union Co., TN but were in Grainger by 1880, where they remained until death.

John Alfred Coffey Family
Dorthula was the third of 10 (at least) children born to John Alfred and Cynthia P. Monk Coffey.  She was born Nov. 19, 1896 in Tazewell Co., TN and married Isaac in about 1912.  They were parents of three (at least) children, all born in Grainger Co.:  Flora, born Oct. 3, 1912, died Dec. 7, 1925; Lilus, born Sep. 26, 1916, died Dec. 9, 1925; and Herbert, born c1919.  Flora and Lilus are buried along with their parents at the Cabbage Family Cemetery in Washburn, Grainger Co.

Isaac's siblings were:

William N., born Oct. 25, 1870, died Mar. 3, 1950.  He married Sarah C. Hamilton on Apr. 4, 1892 in Union Co., TN.  Sarah was born in TN in June., 1870.  William is buried at Cabbage but Sarah's burial place has not been confirmed.

Mahaley L., born Jan. 17, 1874.  She married Joseph H. Collinsworth c1890.  Shortly after the birth of their first child, Milbane in Dec., 1890, the family moved to TX where William was born in Nov., 1893 and Albert in 1895.  They were back in TN by 1898 and in Union Co. by 1900.

The next two children were Rebecca J., born Feb. 10, 1876, died Feb. 17, 1891; and Nathan McD., born Feb. 2, 1878, died Nov. 27, 1900.  Rebecca is thought to be at Cabbage.  Nathan was buried there.  Neither are known by me to have married.

Darcus was next, born Mar. 11, 1880, died Dec. 1, 1932.  She married George W. Nicely, born May 10, 1872, died Dec. 10, 1947.  Both are buried at Cabbage.

The next two were James Andrew, born Jul., 1882, died Nov. 4, 1941, and Mary Ellen born Jan. 23, 1885, died Jun. 1, 1979.  No further information.

Lundie was child number eight.  She was born Sep. 15, 1887 and died Jan. 7, 1952.  She married Thomas Alexander Yadon, born Jan. 28, 1884, died Jan. 28, 1967.  Both are buried at Cabbage.

David was next to last, just before Isaac.  He was born Apr. 27, 1892 and Oct. 10, 1890 and was buried at Cabbage.

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