February 22, 2011

Pittward "Pitt" & Flavonia Fletcher Coffey

I completed some additional work on Pittward this morning.  Readers are invited to click on the blog title to see the original blog about this family and, which contains a few of the updates that will be included here.

Pittward, or Pitt as he seems to have been called, was the eldest child and son of Charles Edward and Sarah Jane Ogden Coffey.  Charles Edward was a son of John Jack and Betsey Duff Coffey and, John Jack was the third son of Jordan and Betsey Rippetoe Coffey.  By now, descendants of Jordan should know that he was actually a Talliaferro (Toliver) and not a Coffey.  But, they are interesting folks and they do eventually get back together with the Coffeys through intermarriage.

Pitt was born in Virginia - and very likely Amherst Co. because his parents never left.  They lived there, raised their children there and are now buried there.  His first wife was Lucy Parks White, daughter of Henry A., and wife Elizabeth, born c1863.  She was the fourth of six children in the White household in the 1870 Peddlar Twp., Amherst Co. census.

Lucy apparently died in childbirth, c1882.  Her only child was Vernie Irvine, born Sep. 23, 1882, died Mar., 1970 in Buena Vista, VA.  Vernie married Robert L. Seay on Dec. 13, 1899.  He was also an Amherst Co. resident, having been born there on Oct. 25, 1875.  They had at least six children:  Evelyn, Vivia, John Robert, Henry Vaughn, Marion and William Lee.

Sometime between Vernie's birth and Sep., 1885, Pitt married Flavonia [sic] Fletcher, a daughter of Lucian and Maria Frances Crawford Fletcher.  Flavonia was born Apr. 8, 1869 in Amherst Co. and died on Jan. 4, 1955 at Fraziers Bottom in Putnam Co., WV.  Their first child was Jesse, born Sep., 1885, died unmarried on Feb. 12, 1918 at Charleston in Kanawha Co., WV.  He is buried at Spring Hill in Charleston, Kanawha Co.

The second child was Janet Aurelia, born Jul. 24, 1888 in Kanawha Co., died Mar. 27, 1945 at Huntington in Cabell Co., WV.  Janet died by suicide when she jumped off the 5th Ave. bridge spanning the Guyan River.  She was nearly 57 years old and was Mrs. Chester L. Martin.  Her first husband was T. Edward Berry to whom she was married on Nov. 19, 1908.  I have not found them in the 1910 census and do not know if any children resulted from that union.  Martin was her second husband, but I have not found a marriage date.  Chester died on Sep. 14, 1959 in Huntington.  His burial place is not known to me; Janet is buried at Spring Hill.

Third child was Alma Elizabeth, born at Jarretts Ford in Kanawha Co. on Mar. 1, 1890.  She was first married there to Thomas H. Young in 1911. They divorced sometime c1921 (it says so on the license for her second marriage) after giving birth to at least three children by Thomas:  Harless, c1913; Margaret, c1915; and Carroll Fletcher, c1918.  Alma married her second husband Frank C. Briscoe when she was 34 and he was a 51-year old widower.  They were married in West Virginia in 1924, and lived for awhile at 215 Hunt Ave. in Charleston where she gave birth to two of his children:  Mary, born c1925 and Joseph H., born c1927.  I haven't found a death record for James.  Alma died on Dec. 12, 1969 in Charleston but not before marrying again at age 73 to the 72-year old James Marshall Lawson on Apr. 25, 1963 in Kanawha Co.  Alma is buried at Spring Hill.  The buial places of her three spouses are unknown.

[Update] Child number four was Harry Clarkston, born Jun. 8, 1892 at Elkview in Kanawha Co., WV; died at Fraziers Bottom, Putnam Co., WV on Mar. 14, 1969.  His wife was Cecil Ann Fisher, born May, 1895 in Putnam Co. and died there in 1985.  She and Harry are buried at Saint Albans, Kanawha Co. WV at the Cunningham Memorial Park cemetery. I am still searching for a marriage date and place.

Number five was Fletcher Euick (?), born Jul. 5, 1895 in Charleston, died Nov., 1980 in Kanawha Co.  Also, no info on possible wife and children.

Six was Stoughton (I've seen it spelled Stephen, but it's Stoughton on his death certificate) Edward, born Feb. 27, 1897 in Kanawha Co., died of tuberculosis in Charleston on Apr. 17, 1918 at age 21,  He is also buried at Spring Hill.  He also was unmarried.

The last and seventh child that I have for Pitt and Flavonia was James Tinsley.  He was born Sep. 21, 1901 in WV and died from heart failure at age 330years Oct. 10, 1934 in Charleston.  He was also unmarried.

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