March 19, 2011

Early Map of the North Fork of the Tye River - Nelson Co., VA

 I've been told that the images look OK on screen but do not print very well.  Drop me an e-mail if you would like the original map and key.

"This map is meant to show where many of the old homeplaces, churches, schools, mills and store were located along Rt. 687 from Nash to Zink's Mill Road near Montebello, VA around the late 1800's to early 1900's.  This seven mile stretch is knows as the North Fork (or prong) of the Tye River.  On July 28, Lura Steele, Phillip Greene, Billy Coffey and myself (Lynn Coffey) made the trip up the river.  Lura's mother, Burgess Coffey, and Annie Carr, both now deceased, put together this information many year ago and gave it to Lura to record.  We assume most of it is correct but cannot be 100% certain on all points.  We have given mileage to each point shown by number because many of the buildings no longer exist.  It is as accurate as we could make it, considering how long ago these places were here.  A brief history of the people & places accompanies the map.  'Homeplaces' are still standing - 'Homesites' are not." [Lynn Coffey]

Map Key No. 1
Map Key No. 2

Map Key No. 3

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