May 7, 2011

Coffey/Coffee Cousins' 2011 Reunion

I have just received some very nice photos taken by Wayne Mower at the Independence gathering of the Coffey Cousins.  These are just a few of them.

I'm on the far right behind Mary Coffey in yellow dress
I'm in the dark shirt/light pants.  Behind me is Jean Mower, outgoing "president."
In front of her is Bonnie Culley, editor of newsletter. At the opposite
end of the table with me is incoming president Danny Coffey and new treasurer, Glenda Coffey. I was acting secretary for my wife Nelda who missed her first gathering in 18 years.
Way in the back in Larry Coffey, incoming member of advisory group.
Better pix of Larry and wife Mary.  Behind Mary is Gordon Coffey of KY.
At the same table with Larry is Marguerite Yeats, Bill Bachman and Gail Bachman, CC Vice Pres. To the right of Larry is Ellen Mohr. Barely visible behind Larry is Fred Coffey, DNA guru.

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