June 18, 2011

Dr. Edmond Aurelius Coffey

Coffey, Dr Edmond Aurelius
Edmond Aurelius Coffey was a son of Lewis and Elizabeth Cleveland Coffey, born Mar. 3, 1810 in North Carolina, died Aug. 28, 1895 in Aubrey, Denton Co., TX.  He is buried at Belew Cemetery in Aubrey.*

He married Dianah Bagby c1830, probably in NC where she was born on Jan. 27, 1811 to Edmond and Nancy Ann Martin Bagby.  Dianah died in 1889 in Etowah Co., AL and was buried at Union No. 3 Baptist Church Cemetery at Ballplay, Etowah Co.

Many researchers believe the family first settled in Gwinnett Co., GA where their 12 children were born.  The 1840 census for that county does show an Edmon Coffee with 2 males under 5; 1 male, age 5 to 9; 1 male, 30-39; 1 female under 5; 2 females, age 5-9; and 1 female, age 20-29.  The census also counted 8 slaves at the residence.

Census records for 1850 and 1860 show the family residing in Cherokee Co., GA.  In 1870 they were in Etowah Co and, 1880 in Blount Co.  Sometime shortly after Dianah's death, Dr. Coffey relocated to Denton Co., TX, perhaps to join number seven son, Aurelius (1842-1918) who was in the Denton Co. census of 1880 and 1900 and who died there in 1918.

There were twelve children born to Edmond and Dianah:

Their first was Edmund Bagby, born Jan. 1, 1831, died before 1870 in AL.  He married Melissa Jane Sewell, born c1831 in GA.  Their marriage was between 1850 when Melissa was living with her widowed mother in Cherokee Co., AL, and 1854 when their first child Frances was born.  Their other children were:  Sarah Malinda, born 1856 in Cherokee Co., died Sep. 4, 1918 in Blount Co., AL; Lydia Jane, born 1858 in St. Claire Co., AL, died Jan. 8, 1926 in Etowah; and Rachel B., born c1859.  There may have been others; these are all I know of.

Second born was Elizabeth Ann on Aug. 27, 1832, died Aug. 8, 1877 in AL.  She married Elisha Trimble Walker c1854 and had at least seven children:  Nancy; Josephine, Benjamin; Webster; Aurelius; Martha and Elizabeth.

Next was Loany who married William Woodard. She was born 1835, died Jan. 12, 1894 in Chepultepec, Blount Co.   Her children were Dianah, born 1854; Jesse T., born c1857; Edmund, born c1859; and William M., Jr., born 1862, died 1930.

Benjamin L., born May 3, 1836, death date unknown. He married Lucy Shields, born c1852 in GA.  Their children were Elizabeth, Edmond John; Nancy Walker; and Asberry Aurelius.  Probably others that I have not yet located.  Asberry Aurelius died in Denton Co., TX in 1951.

Sarah Caroline followed c1838.  She married John W. Tidmore, born in AL c1846.

Webster Gilbert was born Jun. 20, 1840 and died in Etowah Co. in 1911.  He married Louise Evaline Tidmore, possibly brother to John, c1865.  She was born Jan. 22, 1845 in AL and died in Etowah Co. in 1935.  They were the parents of 12:  James Henry; John Adams; William Thomas; Anna Elizabeth; Webster Gernagin; Edmond Columbus; Buddy J. [who probably died an infant]; Minnie Luella; Martha Jane; Nancy Victoria; Jesse L.; Mary Evergreen; Grover Cleveland; and General.

Aurelius, born Mar. 9, 1842, died Jan. 7, 1918 in Denton Co., TX.  His wife was Grace Penelope Hodges, born Oct. 4, 1844 in AL, died shortly after her husband, on Jun. 1, 1918 in Aubrey.  Their children were:  Wm Riley; Edmund Harrison; James Madison; Francis; Kathryn; Bertha Maurine; Cora and Tommy.  The first four were born in AL, perhaps Etowah Co.; the last four in Denton Co., TX.

Child number 8 was Thomas Arvil, born Jun. 30, 1843, died Mar. 9, 1917 in Pontotoc Co., OK.  His wife was Hannah Henson, born in AL c1845, died Aug., 1914 in Pontotoc Co.  Their children were:  Nathan; Mary D., Thomas; Henry Gilbert; Mettie Ellen; James Martin; John Thomas; Aurelius; and Walter Curtis.

James Madison was next.  He was born Jun. 4, 1845, died in 1922, perhaps in TX.  His wife was Elizabeth Susan Caddell, born 1847 in AL.  They married in Etowah Co. in 1867.  Chidren:  Lewis Edmond; Lemuel A; Basil C; Amanda Evergreen; Aurelius; one unnamed son (1878-1879); Mallie Jane; Laura Valera; James R.; Barbara Elizabeth; and Dessie Victoria.

Eliza Jane, born 1847, died 1915.  She married John Boone McKinney on Sep. 19, 1868 in Etowah Co.  He was born c1847 and died c1884.  Children were:  John Thomas; Edmond James; William Webster; Benjamin Aurelius; Dinah Elizabeth; Samuel Washington; and Lorena Martha Creacy Evergreen [sic].

No. 11 was Martha, born 1850, died c1920.  Her husband was Perry E. Daily, born 1853 in AL.  They were married Aug. 4, 1872 in Blount Co., AL.  Children:  Edmond; Mary; Ellen, and William.

The last child born to Edmond and Dianah was Chaney Evergreen on Dec. 28, 1852.  No other info has been found and, she likely died in infancy.

*Gloria B. Mayfield Project Mgr, "Cemeteries of Denton County Texas", database, Cemeteries of Texas, Cemeteries of Denton County Texas (http://www.cemeteries-of-tx.com/etx/denton/listdenton.html).

More information about this family and their descendants is available on the Edward Coffey Project DVD.

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