August 21, 2011

Ethel Coffey Martin (1884-1967)

Ethel M. Coffey was the second to youngest child and last daughter of Rev. Jasper Hill and China Frances Culp Coffey.  See here and here for earlier blogs about this family.

She was born Sep. 10, 1884 and died in Gentry Co., MO in 1967.  Ethel married John W. Martin, born 1882 in IA on Apr. 9, 1908 in Gentry Co.  John died in 1945 in Gentry Co. and was buried at Grandview Cemetery in Albany, Gentry Co.  Ethel lived until 1967 and died in Gentry Co.  She is also buried at Grandview.

I have found only three children for them:  Jasper Daniel, born Apr. 14, 1909 in Gentry Co., died there on Feb. 4, 1973 and was also buried at Grandview.  Second was Omar B., born Mar. 8, 1911, Gentry Co., died on Jun. 18, 1986 and was buried at Grandview. Their third child was Margaret Frances.  I have no further information about her.

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