October 6, 2011

Perkins & Coffey in Kentucky

Lewis Perkins married Rhoda "Rodie" Coffey, the daughter of Nelson N. and Keziah Watters Coffey, c1861 and probably in Wayne Co., KY.

They had:
Louvenia, born c1863
Nelson, born c1864
William, born c1866
Rachel, born Nov., 1873, married Elisha Slaven
John M., born Jan., 1876, married Gertrude Toby

James B. Perkins married Nancy Rue Coffey on Aug. 1, 1859 in Wayne Co.

They had:
Rebecca, born 1859
Minerva Jane, born 1862
Sally, born 1865
William, born 1866
Keziah E., born 1868
Fannie B., born 1871
James Z. (?), born 1873
Hardin, born 1873
Mary A., born 1875
Elijah, born 1891; Louis, born 1881 (twins)
Nettie, born unk., died 1943 Monticello, Wayne Co.
Kizzie, born unk., died 1948, Nicholasville, Jessamine Co., KY

A William Perkins, born in Mar., 1866 in KY married Nancy, last name unknown, c1888 in KY, probably Wayne Co.  Nancy was born in KY in Apr., 1870.

They had (at least two):
Sallie O., born Nov. 9, 1888, married Obie Alexander
Linnie, born Feb., 1891 in Wayne Co.

My question to readers:  Is this last William either of the first two?

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