October 16, 2011

William Sullins & Docia Lou Coffey Orme

William Sullins and Docia Coffey Orme apparently left no descendants.  In 1900 and again in 1910 she reported to the census taker that she was the mother of none.  In 1920 and 1930 there were no children in the household.

William was born on Sep. 17, 1873 in Hunt Co., TX to William Melvin and Mary Eliza Sullins Orme.  He was the eldest of about seven children; his siblings were:  James, born Feb., 1876, Lela, Leota, born Aug., 1883, John Shelton, Walter, born Oct., 1899, and Charlsie Eliza, born Nov. 29, 1892, died Jan. 7, 1962 in Ranger, Eastland Co., TX.
Lela Orme was born Jan. 28, 1879 in Hill Co., TX.  She married William Walter Christian c1897 in TX.  He was born to J. W. & Mattie Christian on Nov. 30, 1873 in Parker Co., TX, died May 29, 1935 in Palo Pinto.  Lela died Feb. 21, 1932. Both are buried at Brad Cemetery in Palo Pinto Co.
John Shelton Orme was born Aug. 8, 1886 in TX,  married Ethel Irene Smith, a daughter of A. B. and Anna Hamilton Smith.  John died Aug. 15, 1964 in Palo Pinto and Ethel, born Nov. 16, 1888 in Brad died there on Jul. 26, 1966 and they are also buried at Brad Cemetery.
Docia Lou Coffey was born May 13, 1873 in TX and died May 19, 1962 in Strawn, Palo Pinto Co.  Her parents were William I. and Mary Ann Cantrell Coffey.  William I. was born to Charles Oliver and Diana Blansett on Nov. 27, 1830 in IL and died Feb. 8,1 902 in Meeker, Lincoln Co., OK.  Mary Ann was born c1833 in TN.

William I. Coffey Parentage

There is some confusion concerning the real mother of William I. Coffey.  Charles Oliver was born c1794 in KY and married on Oct. 18, 1815* in Burke Co., NC to Mary Sally Ramsey.  At least five children were born to this union:  Temperence, born c1823, Elizabeth, born c1825; Almira, born 1826, died 1905; Lavinia, born c1828, Wayne Co., KY; and Barbara, born c1829.

Charles later married Diana Blansett, born May, 1814 in Missouri and researchers of that union say he was William I. was born in 1830, followed by Sarah in 1837, Benjamin in 1843, Amanda Jane in 1845 and Eliza in 1849, all in MO.  A sixth child was Charles, Jr., born c1856 in TX.

I have a problem believing that Charles' first wife died in 1829 (at birth of Barbara) then, left KY that year for IL, met a woman, married her and had a son by 1830.  Because the second child Sarah was not born until c1837, I think perhaps that William was really the son of Charles' first wife, Mary Ramsey.  Of course, because we have no firm date for Mary's death, the wife in the 1840 census (next para.) could very likely be Mary Ramsey.  If it was her, it would get rid of my problem mentioned above.

Charles O. appeared in the 1840 Macon Co., MO census with a wife and three children.  There was a male child born between 1830 and 1835 (William was born 1830) and, a female child, born between 1835 and 1840 (Sarah was born in 1837).  A third female child was enumerated, born between 1825 and 1830.  Mary Ramsey Coffey's last known (to me) child was the daughter Barbara, born c1829. If the wife in this census was Mary Ramsey, then Sarah, born 1837 would also be her child.  This would put off any marriage of Charles to Diana by a year or two.

Charles appears next in the 1850 census for Collin Co., TX.  In that record, his wife is named "Deener," which is probably mid-19th century TX twang for Dinah. We don't know when they married, but probably after 1840.  If we move William and Sarah from the list of Charles' children with Diana and give them to Mary Ramsay, then the first born to Dinah would have been Benjamin in 1843, followed by Amanda in 1845, Eliza in 1849 and Charles, Jr. in 1856.

In 1860 Charles and Diana were in Kerr Co., TX; 1870 in Kendall Co., TX; in 1880 Kimble Co., TX and at his death in 1889 he was living in Menard, Menard Co., TX where he was buried in the Pioneer Rest Cemetery.  I have not found a record of Diana's death or place of burial.

William I. apparently like to roam as well.  In 1860 he and wife Mary Ann Cantrell were in Parker Co., TX.  In 1870 they were in Limestone Co; TX and in 1880 they were in Johnson Co., In 1900 they were living with Docia's family in Dallas Co., TX and, when he died in 1902 he was buried at the New Salem cemetery in Meeker, Lincoln Co., OK.

*Research of Joe Newbrough, Sep., 1995.  Documentation not provided.

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