September 14, 2012

Death Certificates Say The Darndest Things!

Squire Coffey, a son of Marvel and Rachel Boone Coffey, died at the age of 84 on Sep. 8, 1912 in Weaubleau, Hickory Co., MO and was buried at the Robinson Cemetery in Collins, St. Clair Co., MO.  The death certificate reports that he died of diarrhea.

The doctor who signed the death certificate was Dr. W. S. Woodford of  Weaubleau.  Across the certificate in the area where Dr. Woodford made his entry, is written:
"You will have to make the best of this diagnosis for Dr. W.S.W. is too ignorant to do better." 
That was followed by the initials W. C. G.  W. C. Gentry was the registrar.

Squire was married to Drucilla Parker in MO c1854.  She was the daughter of Henry and Martha Roberson Parker and was born in TN on Dec. 18, 1833 and died in MO on Aug. 20, 1901.  She too is buried at Robinson cemetery in Collins.

The likely had more children, but I have found only six:

Matilda Jane, born Ar. 16, 1854 in Maries Co., MO, died Sep. 1, 1929 in Union Twp., Pulaski Co., MO.  Her spouse was James Moss, the informant listed on Squire's death certificate.  James was the son of Edward and Mary Roberson Moss, and was born May 23, 1851 in MO, died May 24, 1914 in Dixon, Pulaski Co.  He and Matilda were married May 23, 1851 in Maries Co.  Both are buried at the Dixon cemetery.  Their children were:

Ada Alfreda, born Feb. 2, 1872 in Maries Co., died Apr. 21, 1948 in Waynesville, Pulaski Co.  Ada married George Edward Murphy c1891.  He was born Dec. 9,1871 in Vienna, Maries Co., to John Henry and Mary Dickinson Murphy.  He died Dec. 28, 1949 in Lebanon, Laclede Co., MO.  Both are buried at Dixon.  I have their children as Ethel, Gertrude and Evelyn.

Emmit, born Sep., 1879, married May 20, 1936 in Phelps Co., MO to Nelle Draper.  She was born Oct. 14, 1876 in Burlington, Coffey Co., KS and died Dec. 3, 1957 in Rolla, Phelps Co.  She is buried at Dixon.  Emmit is like buried there as well; I just haven't found him yet.

Jesse Moore, born Aug., 1883, died Mar. 8, 1949 in Alton, Madison Co., IL.  He married Clara F. Dunlop, born Feb., 1885 in KS to George W. and Anna B. Shriver Dunlop.  Jesse is buried at Dixon.

Jesse's obituary, Granite City, Madison Co., IL Press Record, Mar. 10, 1949

Jesse M. Moss, 66, of 2137 Madison Avenue, well-known local sportsman and restaurant owner who developed and introduced his own barbecue sauce in the Quad-Cities, was buried at Dixon, Mo, this afternoon following services at a funeral home there.  Moss passed away at 1:30 am Tuesday at an Alton hospital following a short illness.  He had retired two years ago after operating a restaurant at the Madison Avenue address for 25 years.  Moss, who was an active hunter and fisherman, held the patent on Old Kentucky Famous Reheating Sauce, which was sold over a wide area.  He retained the patent and the product went off the market after his retirement.  A native of Dixon, MO, Moss had been a resident of Granite City for the past 48 years.  His only survivors are his wife, Mrs. Clara Dunlap Moss and a brother, Emmet, of Rolla, Mo.

Information about the remaining children of Squire and Drucilla is available on request.


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