October 10, 2012

Wesley W. Coffey - Request for Help

My original blog on Wesley W. Coffey.

Today I received the following e-mail from Hal Shaw.  Please contact him directly if you can help with his request:

Dear Sir.
I am Hal Shaw,  I am looking for a photo of Wesley Coffey.  Wesley was Worshipful Master of the Spencer Masonic Lodge #95 in 1899.
The lodge has photo of all the Worshipful Master  hanging on the wall of honor from 1849 to the present, that is all but 7.  We are trying to complete the wall of honor, by locating the missing photos.
We are missing a photo of of the following gentleman:
John W. ALLISON, master 1849,
E. S. HOWE who was master in 1850 ( I noticed you are also working on the Howe family, I am not sure if E.S. Howe is related to Laura Howe 1843- 1940  or her father Amos Price Howe 1790- 1871.  Maybe you know the answer to this)
Isaac Johnson, master 1851
Lewis Stay, master 1868
A. J. Richards, master 1881,
Edward C Steel, master in 1889.
WESLEY W. COFFEY, master in 1899.
If you can help with a photos or know of anyone who might be able to, please let me know.
email is Shaws at comteck.com or 7121 Hickson Hill Road, Poland, IN 47868 [replace "at" with "@" to e-mail Mr. Shaw.]
In your blog or newsletter, you ask for burial place for Wesley Coffey.  He is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Section D, Spencer, Owen County IN.  His son Robert Coffey is also buried with him. Robert born and died 1880.
I did see on the internet at a Jean Birston  posted she had a picture of Wesley, but her emails come back as undeliverable.
Thank you in advance for any help.
Hal Shaw

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