January 30, 2013

Elijah & Martha Coffey Coffey

Elijah Coffey Family
This Elijah was a son of Samuel "Sam" and Martha Wolfe Coffey, born April, 1881 in Grainger Co., TN.  Martha was the daughter of Jasper Newton and Lucy Jane Shell Coffey.  Jasper and Sam were second cousins with their common ancestor being Revolutionary War veteran Benjamin and Mary "Polly" Hayes Coffey.  Benjamin was a son of John and Jane Graves Coffey.  Martha was born in Hancock Co., TN in May of 1883.

I have not yet found a marriage record for Elijah and Martha.  The birth years of their 12 - at least - children, all born in Grainger Co., change from census to census making it difficult to document their birth order.

Their first child is thought to have been Martha, born c1899.  No further info

George Washington "Washie", born Dec. 29 1902, died Jan. 1, 1978 in Grainger Co.  Washie was twice married, first to Mandy or Manda Atkins (1903-1924) who likely died at or shortly after the birth of their only child, George Washington "Jessie" Coffey, born Jan. 1, 1924, died Mar, 1969 in Grainger Co.  His second wife was Gelina Atkins, a cousin to Manda.  I haven't found this couple in 1930 but, in 1940 they had a son, James, age 14.

Dexter Coffey Hedrick
Dexter, a daughter, is said to have been born in 1907 and married on May 5, 1928, Robert William Hedrick.  Robert appears to have died before the 1930 census because Dexter was a widow, living with her parents in Grainger Co.  They had one son, Robert William Hedrick, Jr.

Vara, fourth born, May 19, 1909, married Oscar Wallace on Oct. 3, 1926 in Hamblen Co., TN.  Oscar was born Jul. 21, 1901 in Grainger Co.  He died on Mar. 22, 1983 at Bean Station, Grainger Co.; she on Jan. 20, 1995 at Bean Station.  Their children were Minnie Ruth; Henry P. (Paul Earl?), Ruby Lee; twins Jerry and Perry, Charles Elmer and Oscar Lee.  Oscar and Vara as well as sons Jerry and Perry are buried at Bean Station Cemetery which I believe is also known as the Bean Station Baptist Church Cemetery.[1]

Samuel, born c1911.  No other information.

Walter Preston, born c1913.  No other information

Newton, Jul. 19, 1914, died Jun. 22, 1915 at Tate Springs in Grainger Co.

Thomas, born c1917.  No other information.

Ophia Coffey Coffey

Ophia "Ophie", born c1918, married Enos Garfield Coffey on Apr. 12, 1937 in Grainger Co.  She and Enos were related at least seven different ways as 3d, 4th, and 5th cousins.  Enos was the son of Charles Edward and Susan McDaniel Coffey.  Charles and Elijah were 4th cousins, once removed.  Enos and Ophie had at least two children, daughter Dussie (?) and son Charles W.

Irene, born c1920.  No other information.

Clint, born c1926.  No other information.

Henry, born Aug. 28, 1928, died Mar. 10, 2006 at Bean Station.

Washie, Newton, and Henry [perhaps other siblings as well] are said to be buried at the Atkins Cemetery in Thorn Hill.  In particular, they are said to be buried at the Atkins Cemetery in "Poor Valley" or, along "Poor Valley" Ridge.  There are several Atkins cemeteries in Grainger Co., found on Find-A-Grave including one with the name "Poor Valley" attached.  An internet search for this particular cemetery shows it in a densely wooded area.  At Find-A-Grave, this hidden cemetery is referred to as "Atkins Cemetery (Dixie Highway)" but, does not show any Coffey Graves.

Please contact me if you know exactly which Atkins Cemetery at which these Coffey families are buried.

Additions and corrections welcomed.


[1]This cemetery is located off US11W at the end of Lake Cove Lane on the south side of US11W about 5 miles west of Bean Station, on the north side of Cherokee Lake. Take the Old, or New Lee Hwy. from Bean Station, past the Dixie Highway turn all the way to a right turn onto the Bean Station Cemetery Road. Follow this road all the way to the cemetery.

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