January 27, 2013

James Bert "Jim" Blunt, Jr.

This photo is from my personal family collection.[1]  He is James Bert "Jim" Blunt, Jr., son of Jim, Sr. and his wife Alpha Anne Delafield.  Jim, Jr. was born Oct. 18, 1882 in Sarepta, Webster Parish, LA and died on Aug. 24,1933 in Rush Springs, Grady Co., OK.

He married Miss Isabelle Allison in Rush Springs on Mar. 12, 1911.  She was born Nov. 14, 1892 in Chockie, Atoka Co. OK to Charles Edward and Irene E. Glossup Allison.  She died in Jacksonville, Cherokee Co., TX on May 12, 1967.  Both are buried at Rush Springs Cemetery.

Jim, Jr. was to me both a first cousin, twice removed and, a second cousin, twice removed.  On the Blunt side, he descended from Hugh R. Blunt (1822-1877) and his wife Mary Ann Bishop.  Hugh was also married to Mary Ann's younger sister, Bonita Bishop from whom I descend.  And, we both descend from James R. and Peninah Walker Bishop of Lawrence Co., MS.

My descent from Hugh and Beneta is through their daughter, Amanda (1859-1936).  She married James Monroe Braley and their daughter, Ora (1884-1984) married A. L. Coffee and were my paternal grandparents.

I like this photo for a several reasons.  First, it is large, in focus and without defect (spots, folds, etc.).  Another reason is his clothing.  He is wearing a conventional necktie, white shirt and suit.  His hat sits back on his head, giving full exposure to his face.  It was probably taken in the mid-to-late 1920's.

He is wearing leather wrist cuffs and gloves.  The flashlight, along with his watch and fob must have been prized possessions. I have seen portrait-like period photos in which the men were displaying pistols or rifles but, I have never seen one with the subject holding a flashlight.  The mustache was de rigueur.

Jim, Jr and Isabelle had four children:

Myrtle (1912-1999) who married Verdie Hiram Morris and had children James Vernor and Joyce.

Hazel Relura (1913-1994) who married Clarence David Roberts and had children James Bert and Clarence David.

Clifford Edward "Cliff," (1916-1997) who married Mary Louise Fausett.  No known children.

DeAlva (1928-living) who married Robert Eugene Eitelman (1926-1986).  Four chidlren, three still living.  Their first, James Robert was born Oct. 19, 1947 and died the next day.


[1] I received the photo through a cousin who received it from Jim Jr's daughter, DeAlva.

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