February 12, 2013

Coffey Cousins' Clearinghouse Newsletter

The Coffey Cousins Clearinghouse newsletter (CCC) was begun a number of years ago[1] by Leonard N. Coffey who passed away in 1989.  His family then gave the newsletter with all rights to Bonnie Culley of Jefferson City, MO.  Bonnie began editing and publishing almost immediately and continued for more than 20 years.  She had to end it in 2011 when health conditions began to catch up with her and her husband, Jim.

She has recently asked me if I would tend to it until a permanent editor could be found.  I have agreed to an attempt to keep it going and, have received some support from several former subscribers.  I and a couple of other Coffey Cousins are working on concepts and are considering both print and electronic delivery.

We recognize that not all of our Cousins have computers and/or an e-mail service via smart phone, etc.  We will be sending to them a flier through USPS outlining our plans as soon as they become solid enough to go forward.

We have a long list of e-mail addresses that we have put together in a usable format to mass query former subscribers, seeking their continue support and, which format they would like to read the newsletter; print or electronic.

People change their e-mail addresses more often than I thought.  Perhaps some are having health issues of their own.  For whatever reason, of some 200+ e-mails sent, we have experienced significant 'bounce."

The purpose then of this blog is to seek out any former CCC subscribers, friends of former subscribers, anyone who has not already received an e-mail from me or, anyone who might want to participate as a subscriber.  If you fit any of these categories, please send me e-mail at my address near the bottom of the sidebar.

We also seek help!  Expertise in setting up a subscription website - I have a couple of domain names that I can donate - or, help designing a newsletter format that can easily be converted to PDF would be especially useful.  Perhaps you know what software and mass e-mail services are available and can help set up that.  Any help of any sort will be welcomed.  Even the editor's job is available.

It's too early for any predictions but, if successful, the newsletter will likely replace this blog as well as the Coffey Cousins web site.

A small yearly subscription fee will be necessary for both electronic and print versions.  In the past, the print version was about $12/yr for four quarterly issues.  The cost for printed versions will depend solely on printing and postage costs.  Electronic fees will probably be a bit less but necessary if we maintain an on-line site for subscribers or, mass mail copies in PDF format.  Mass mailings are typically frowned upon by the type of internet server providers that casual user like you and I have so, it may be necessary then to send the electronic versions via a special service that charges users a fee.

There will be no outrageous cost to you; this is not a profit making endeavor.  We simply do not want to see the newsletter go "belly up."

[1] First published in 1981

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