April 23, 2013

Coffey & Wilson in North Carolina

Ron Wolden and I began exchanging e-mails a few weeks ago.  He is in search of his Coffey and Wilson ancestry.  Ron would like to know more about his Wilson side.

Jordan H. Wilson was his 3d great grandfather who married Nancy Baker c1832 in NC.  Jordan was born sometime between 1798 and 1811 in Burke Co., and died in Caldwell Co. on Apr. 10, 1892.  He married Nancy Baker, born c1806 in Burke Co., died Dec. 16, 1894 in Caldwell Co.  Both are buried at the Lindsay Cemetery near Collettsville, in Caldwell Co.

Jordon and Nancy had at least six children:

Joseph Coleman Wilson, born Jun. 11, 1834 in Burke Co., died Mar. 18, 1884 in Caldwell Co.  Joseph married Martha Lindsey (var.) in Caldwell Co. on Jan. 15, 1861.

Robert Monroe Wilson, his 2d great grandfather, was born Apr. 26, 1837 in Burke Co. and died Jun. 29, 1920 in the Mulberry township of Caldwell Co.  He is buried at Harpers Chapel Cemetery in Patterson.  He married Susan Caroline Coffey c1862.  She was the daughter of Athan and Mary McGuire Coffey, born Oct. 6, 1845, died Jan. 23, 1949 in Mulberry Twp.

Robert and Susan's children were at least six:  Joseph J., born c1865; Mary Addie, born c1866, married John A. Lutz c1895; Annie J., born c1875; Nina Victoria, born c1879, married Flaveous Josephus Sherrill.  He was born in the Yadkin Valley on Oct. 15, 1875, died May 29, 1959 in Washington State.  He and Nina were married Mar. 25, 1900 in Patterson Twp.  I do not have death or burial information for Nina.   R. Athan, born Oct., 1881 and Martha C., born Aug., 1884.

Other children of Jordan and Nancy were:  John Alexander., born c1840, Burke Co., died 1919 in Caldwell Co.; Mary Jane, born c1844; Nancy P., born Jun. 17, 1847, died Sep. 8, 1899, buried at Lindsay; Laura, born Aug. 10, 1850, died Mar. 28, 1870 and also buried at Lindsay.

Ron tells me that Jordan's name first appears on an election list of voters in Lenoir, NC who submitted ballots at White's Election Ground on Johns River, Aug. 13, 1835.  In 1838 he enlisted as a Private in Co. D. of the Burke Co. Volunteers during the Cherokee Removal.  Sons Joseph Coleman and Robert Monroe had already been born.  Jordan's actual birth is likely to be somewhere between 1798 and 1811 in Burke Co.  Ron speculates the 1811 date may have been used at the 1838 enlistment to make him appear to be younger in order to serve.

Page 1 of Jordan's Will
His wife, Nancy Ann Baker was the daughter of John Menefee and Lucenda Puett Baker. In 1840 the couple lived in the Beaverdam District of Cherokee Co.

The executor of Jordan's will was his son, John Alexander Wilson.  Named heirs were M. E. Shell, R. T. Wilson, R. M. Wilson, J. W. Wilson, J. L. Wilson, Minnie Wilson, Mary M. Greene, Jesse Wilson and W. H. Lloyd.  The Shell and Lloyd portions appear to be payment for preparing the will.

R T., Robert Theodore Wilson, Minnie Wilson and Jesse (Hasty) Wilson were children of his son Joseph Coleman.  J. L. Coleman may be Joseph's son Lafayette and J. W., his son John.  Ron says that Mary M. Greene is a bit confusing since Joseph Coleman's daughter Mary was only 13 at the time and Jordan's daughter Mary had the middle name Jane.  But, Mary Greene is probably one of the two.  However, Mary Jane is known to have married M. M. Slagle.  R. M. Wilson is probably Robert Monroe.

[Jordan and Nancy were in Lower Creek Twp., Caldwell Co. in 1850; Beaverdam Dist., Cherokee Co. in 1860 and in Patterson Twp., Caldwell Co. in 1870.  I haven't found them in 1880.  Ron also mentioned in his e-mail the marriage of Joseph Coleman Wilson to Martha Lindsey, a daughter of Grief Lindsey and Mary Elizabeth Coffey.  This is a union that I do not have recorded and, pretty much unsure who the parents were of Mary Coffey.  Click to contact Ron via e-mail.]


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