March 1, 2014

Coffey Cousins Newsletter, Vol. 130

new Coffey Cousins' Newsletter has been published for the quarter Jan-Mar, 2014.  All newsletters published by me over the previous year can also be found at that website.  All of the newsletters are free to read.  

All of those published by me are copyrighted to protect the format and content.  However, readers are free to download and copy any of the information for their personal use.

All previous newsletters dating back to 1981 can also be found on-line.  In order to use those newsletters to find specific individuals, you will have to refer to the index, found with the earlier newsletters.  It is a very large file, indexing every issue from the first to the current and, is updated after each new publication.

Readers will find a "donate" button on the above page and all contributions are appreciated, irrespective of amount.  Understand however, the newsletters are free and no one is obligated to donate.

Unlike this site, which Google freely provides, I have to pay for the website hosting the newsletter. When the previous editor turned the job over to me, it was decided not to charge for the newsletter unless individuals wanted a printed copy mailed to them.  For awhile, those subscriptions paid for most of the host fees but, many of those subscribers have now opted for the "free" version, leaving me to pay those fees.

Understand however, the newsletters are free and no one is obligated to donate.


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