April 5, 2014

John Marshal “Marsh” Coffey

John Marshall, or Marsh as some called him, was born in Wayne Co., KY on Jan. 2, 1850 and died in Boyle Co., KY on May 17, 1908.  He was a son of Thomas Coleman and Patience Jane Miller Coffey.  Upon his death, he was laid to rest at Stanford in Lincoln Co. in the Buffalo Springs Cemetery.

He was married, date unknown, to Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Jones, a daughter of Absolom S. “Albin” and Telitha Coffey Jones.  Marsh and Telitha were first cousins whose common ancestors were Lewis Russell and Bidant “Biddy” Moore Coffey.  Lizzie was born Dec. 5, 1857 in KY and died in Boyle Co. on Apr. 23, 1930.  She is also buried at Buffalo Springs.

Their children numbered at least four, three of which married and had children:

Alvin Jones, born Nov. 14, 1882, died Sep. 20, 1947 in Lincoln Co., married Elizabeth “Bettie” Hayden, a daughter of Andrew Jackson and Nancy Alexander “Nannie” Coffey Hayden.  Nancy was a daughter of Henderson and Minerva Alexander Coffey, born Dec. 12, 1839 in Monticello, Wayne Co., KY, died Jan. 4, 1930 in Danville, Boyle Co.  Andrew was born in TN in 1840 and died in Danville on Aug. 8, 1912.  He and Nannie are buried at Buffalo Springs.  Alvin died on Sep. 20, 1947 in Lincoln Co.; Elizabeth died Aug. 24, 1950 in Danville.  They too are buried at Buffalo Springs.  I have no children for them.

Newland-Coffey Marriage Announcement
Joseph & Shelly's Marriage Announcement
Shelly H., born Mar. 16, 1885, died Aug. 22, 1961, married Joseph Henry Newland in late July or early August, 1907¹ at Stanford.  Joseph was born Aug. 2, 1884 in KY and died May,  22, 1961.  Both he and Shelly are buried at Buffalo Springs.  Their children were Mary Elizabeth, born c1908 and, Jenny Roe, born c1918, both in Lincoln Co.

Ebbie B., born Mar. 7, 1896, died Jun. 23, 1930 in Washington, D.C.  Ebbie married Robert J. Warren c1922.  He was born in KY about 1893.  Their children were Robert A., born c1924 in TN; John M., born c1926 in KY and Irene E., born c1927 in OH.  In the 1930 census, Robert was employed as a “marble mason.”  Ebbie died within a couple of months after the 1930 census found them in Washington, D.C., and was returned to KY for burial at Buffalo Springs.  In the 1940 census Robert was found in Gary, Lake Co., IN with new wife, Christine E.  With them was Ebbie’s children, John M., and Irene E.

The fourth child of Marsh and Lizzie was Mary Elizabeth, born Dec. 11, 1900 in KY, died in Lincoln Co. on Jun. 30, 1914.  She too is buried at Buffalo Springs.


¹The Interior Journal, Stanford, KY, Aug. 2, 1907, Page 3, Col. 4 (http://tinyurl.com/la5hx52)

Update Apr 9, 2014:  

John and Lizzie had at least seven children.  In addition to the above four, there was Jennie, born Apr. 9, 1887 in Boyle Co., KY, died Jan. 23, 1962 in Hamilton Co., OH.  She was buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnatti; John Coleman, born Sep. 1, 1889 in Stanford, KY, died on Sep. 15, 1961 and was buried at Raton, Colfax Co., NM; Margaret, born Sep. 23, 1891 in KY, died Oct. 5 1919 in Danville, Boyle Co., KY and buried at Bellevue Cemetery in Danville

John Marshall's Find-A-Grave memorial no. is 96322267.  His children can be followed on FAG from that site.

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