May 28, 2014

Alton Powell Coffey

Alton Powell Coffey, and his twin Arthur Livingston Coffey were born on July 3, 1904 in Nashville, Brown Co., IN to William Lewis and Rosa Belle Clarke Coffey.  William Lewis was a son of Richard L. and Julia Mattie Mason Coffey in the Edward Coffey/Ann Powell line.

Alton's other siblings were Lela Marie, born 1895, for whom I have no information; James William Wendell Coffey, 1902, died 1973 at Tucson, Pima Co., AZ and, Marguerite, 1910, again no info.  Arthur died in 1972 and is buried at Greenlawn in Nashville, Brown Co., IN.

Alton graduated from high school in about 1922 and began study at the John Herron Art School in Indianapolis.  For four years he studied under William Forsyth and Clifton Wheeler and, became an accomplished artist. Although he had studied figure and still life painting, he produced memorable landscape paintings.

I believe many of his paintings are being sold today at auction.  Some details are available at the Ask/Art website where I found these samples.  Some other of his paintings can be found by searching for "Alton Powell Coffey" on Google.

Note:  I believe that in order to get anything other than what you see on the Ask/Art website, you have to become a patron through paid membership.  I believe that membership can be on a monthly or yearly basis.

Alton married Pauline Wilkinson, born May 11, 1919 in Brown Co. on Sep. 11, 1937.  They appeared in the Apr. 24, 1940 census in Wayne Township, Marion Co., IN when he was 35 and Pauline was about 18.  Although married for nearly three years, they did not have any children.  Alton was employed as an inspector of motors in an aviation motor plant.  In 1942, the couple appeared in the Indianapolis city directory, residing at 4924 W. 24th.

He died in Jul., 1978 at the age of 74 in Brown Co. and is thought to have also been buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Nashville, Brown Co.  with his mother and father.  I have not found any clues yet to the death date or place of burial for Pauline.  She was not yet 60 when Alton died and may have remarried.

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