April 11, 2015

When Official Date of Death is Incorrect!

Isaac Fountain Coffey was born to William Fine and Priscilla Howard Coffey.  According to his headstone, he was born Aug. 10, 1857.  His parents lived in Maury Co., TN at the time and continued to reside there through the Aug. 15, 1870 census.  His mother had become a widow in 1864 and later moved with her children as they relocated to Farmersville in Collin Co., TX.

According to his headstone found in the IOOF cemetery in Farmersville, Isaac died Oct. 25, 1927. According to his obituary found in the Oct. 28, 1927 edition of The Dallas Morning News, Part 2, Page 17, Isaac died Oct. 26, 1927.  According to his death certificate, he died Nov. 26, 1927 at the age of 70 years, 2 months and 16 days.  Given the birth date on his headstone and age at death, his death date given in the obituary would be correct.

A careful look at his death certificate will show that the County Registrar recorded the death certificate on Nov. 7, 1927 meaning that the certificate death date is a month off.  After all, the death certificate could not be official on Nov. 7 unless the death occurred before that.  The Nov. 27 date is absolutely incorrect.

This death announcement reports date of death as Wednesday, Oct. 26, 1927.

His headstone reports date of death as Oct. 25, 1927.

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