May 13, 2015

A "Three Brothers" Tale

Salathial "Sail" Coffey, a son of Elias "Eli" and Mary "Polly" Coffey Coffey, was the father of 10 children by two wives.

His first wife was Nancy Dunbar to whom he was married in Russell Co., KY on Aug. 20, 1835.

To that union were born seven children, including William Stanley in 1842; Milton Wolford "Mint" in 1846; and Zachariah Taylor "Taylor" in 1848, all in Russell Co., KY.  William Stanley was sheriff of Collin Co., TX from 1897-98. 

Nancy died in KY in 1853 and Sail married a second time; this time to Mary Ann McFarland, the widow of Houston R. Ballew, on May 10, 1854 in Russell Co.  Three children were born to that union including another son, Sterling Price in Collin Co., TX in 1862.

The oddity of all this concerns the deaths of William, Milton and Taylor.
Taylor, age 73, died at Forest Grove, TX on June 21, 1922

William, age 79, died at McKinney, Collin Co. on June 23, 1922

Milton, age 76, died in Carter Co., OK on June 24, 1922
Sterling did not die until Sept., 1944 in Collin Co.

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