July 21, 2015

Ambrose Coffee, Irish Emigrant c1767

This Ambrose has often been confused with Ambrose Coffey, a son of the Rev. James and Elizabeth Cleveland Coffey.  James was the eldest son of John and Jane Graves Coffey.

A timeline produced by an unknown author, appeared in the March, 1993 issue of the Coffey Cousins' Newsletter, provided the following:

The subject Ambrose was an Irish emigrant who was sent to the Virginia Colony in c1767/68 to work for John Hough (Huff), probably in Loudon Co.

1775/76 Came to Kentucky to Herrodsburg.

1776      Kentucky Historical Society Register, Vol. 30, page 127:  "The tide of emmigration [sic] to the Madison portion of Fincastle was slow but perceptible.  Among the arrivals of 1776, who were to become permanent settlers were --- Ambrose Coffee ---"

1775/76 Was a soldier stationed at Fincastle Co. (now Kentucky) Virginia.  The specific site was most certainly Ft. Boonesboro.  By 1888 Fincastle became Ky. Co. & in 1780 it was divided into 3 counties - Jefferson, Lincoln & Fayette & became a state in 1792.  Ambrose lived in Herrodsburg.

1775/84 Lived in Boonesboro.

1779      10 Oct. Gave deposition regarding lad title at Ft. Boonesboro, Ky.

1780/83 Marriage.

1783      First child, Sarah, was born.  She married James Mcguire.

1785/87 Moved to Ruskes Settlement & stayed a year. or two.

1785       Second child, William was born.  He married Elizabeth Lacy.

1786       Signed petition for division of Lincoln Co., Ky into Mercer, Lincoln, and Madison counties.  Madison Co., Ky. was organized Aug.22, 1786.

1787       Third child, Ambrose Jr., was born.  He mar. 1st. Lucinda Day, 2nd Margaret Norman, a widow.

1789/91 Mill bought by Col. Holder.  Stayed two more yrs.

1791      Moved to Spencer Creek.

1792/1809 Moved to Slate Creek.

1793      Fourth Child, Ailsey, born.  She married Elijah Brown.

1795      Sept. 17, Daniel Williams & wife, Violet (Couch), of Clark Co., Ky. to Ambrose Coffey of same --- for ten pounds --- 20 acrs [sic] on Spencer's Creek, being part of Edward Williams' 400 acres pre-emptioned [sic] and adjoining same. (Daniel and Ambrose were Jim Sparks'* 3rd G-Grandfathers.)

17 Aug 1797     Fifth child, Rebecca Jane, born.  She mar. Wm. S. Lykins.

2 Jan 1799         Ambrose Coffee, deposed, at a spring near Joel Estill's fence, that "about 17 or 18" years ago, he, Ambrose Coffee had camped near this spelling. (1781/82)

1799     Sixth child, Elijah, born.  He mar. 1st Margaret Patrick 2nd Elizabeth Bowen.

1801     Seventh child, Raleigh, born.  He mar. Annis Anne Anderson.

1803     Eighth child, Jesse, Born.

21 Nov 1809  Kentucky Historical Society Register, Vol. 30, p136.  One of the most noted cases (of land disputes) was that of Green Clay vs. Henry Banta.... The depositions taken embrace the name of nearly all the early prominant [sic] settlers of the county.  The positions of the various localities named called into requisition the knowledge of such old hunters, fort builders and Indian scouts, including --- Ambrose Coffee...

1809     In his deposition in the Clay/Banta land dispute, Ambrose Coffee deposed that he first became acquainted with Muddy Creek in the year 1777 as he had come to Kentucky in 1776.  He claimed he had been sold to John Huff/Hough for passage money to America from over the "High Seas."  Ambrose Coffee was referred to as that "Irish Convict" from Ireland in other dispositions in the Clay/Banta dispute.

1810     Census of Montgomery County, Kentucky.

             363 Coffee, Ambrose  1M under 10  1 F 10-26 1 M 16-26  2 F 16-26 1 M over 45  1 F over 45

1820     Death in Montgomery County, Kentucky

Footnote 1:  The above Ambrose Coffee, is in no way to be confused with the Ambrose Coffee [sic] who came later to Kentucky from North Carolina.  They are two separate individuals and as far as cam [sic] be ascertained had no immediate relationship.  Our Ambrose Coffee, having come directly from Ireland to Kentucky [sic] spelled the mane [sic] Coffee, whereas the other often used Coffey/Coffy as the spelling.**

Footnote 2:  County changes in Kentucky during the 1700 and 1800's.

1772...Virginia Colony created Fincastle County which included all of Kentucky.

1774...James Harrod settled Harrodsburg.

1775...Boonesboro, Marison County settled.

1776...All of Kentucky designated as Kentucky County, VA.

1780---Kentucky County, VA. was divided into 3 counties--Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln.

1790...There were nine counties---Mason..1789; Bourbon...1786; Woodford..1789; Fayette..1780; Madison..1786; Jefferson..1780; Mercer..1786; Nelson..1785; and Lincoln..1780

1792...Kentucky became a state.

* No idea who Jim Sparks is/was of date this timeline was created.  Punctuation, spacing, etc. is not consistent in the original.  Reproduced here as close to original as possible. I have made no effort to verify the accuracy of this information..

Through the magic of DNA, Edward researchers know this Ambrose was not related to Edward.

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