November 15, 2016

An End to an Era

After many years of working with and supporting the Coffey Cousins' Clearinghouse, I have tendered my resignation to the group.  Most of the older members who were great participants and supporters themselves have passed on and new members do not show up at annual conventions or otherwise provide any support.

For a couple of years after Bonnie Culley asked me to publish the newsletter I took on the job with relish.  Unfortunately, I was urged to publish the newsletter on the internet without cost to anyone except me.  I personally paid for the domain names, researched created the content and made it available on the world wide web. To be fair, the group did offer to pay the internet bill but I kept it on a donation basis for political reasons.

After awhile, the cost became intolerable so I asked for donations.  A number of faithful readers contributed to the expense but it wasn't enough to cover my cost.  I began to pare down the websites until there was only the newsletter site and some folks griped about that. Finally, this past week after a serious health reversal I decided to ditch everything and returned the newsletter to Bonnie with a promise from DNA guru Fred Coffey to help her.

If and when I return to some bearable form of health I plan to return to write blogs, publish many of the photos I have received and generally try to get back to helping individuals with their Coffey research.

In the meantime, please contact Fred at or Bonnie at for questions.

Watch this space for my return.

Sincerely - Jack

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