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November 23, 2010

Children of Francis Marion & Martha Jane Coffey Clark

Continuing with the information received from Jerry Dickinson

2nd Generation

Lola Elzora Clark married William Alexander Gragg, a son of John Riley and Nancy Elvira Taylor Gragg.  William was born on Jul. 14, 1879 in Watauga Co., and died on Jan. 3, 1974 in San Francisco, CA.  A child was Savoy Jack Carl Carlton [sic] Gragg, born Mar. 13, 1912, died Nov. 8, 1974.

Harrison Austin "Harry" married Mary Jane Cable on Jan. 5, 1906 in Pullman, Whitman Co., WA.  Mary was born in Elkmills, Carter Co., TN on Nov. 9, 1880, died in Weiser, Washington Co., ID on Oct. 12, 1954.  Children were:  Russell Burnett, born Sep. 29, 1906 in Chambers, Whitman Co., died Dec. 9, 1922; Cecil Raymond, born May 29, 1908, died Jun. 22, 1981; and an unnamed female.

David Clingman (Jerry thinks middle name may be Clinton) married but wife is unnamed.  Children were Clint, born Jun., 1920, died Jan., 1931; James McDonald, born May 23, 1924, died Sep. 12, 1980.

Millard Ray, married Nellie L. Shawgo on Jun. 1, 1913 in St. John, Washington.  Children were: Joe Edward, born Dec. 30, 1915 in St. John, died Aug. 9, 1997 in Spokane.  Joe married Evelyn Florence Marquardt on Apr. 8, 1939 in Spokane.  Evelyn was born Oct. 27, 1912 and died Jul. 15, 1998 in Eugene, OR.; Lois Nellie, born Dec. 11, 1917, died May, 1962.

3d Generation

Lola Clark Gragg's son, Savoy Jack Carl Carlton Gragg, born Mar. 13, 1912 in North Carolina, died Nov. 8, 1974 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA.  He married Erla Armina Rathvon, a daughter of Lloyd Ashton and Edith Gertrude Walton Rathvon.  Erla was born Feb. 4, 1914 in Penticton, BC, Canada and died on Mar. 27, 1987 in Longview, Cowlitz Co., WA.  Children were: Jacquelynn [sic] Marie "Jackie" Gragg, born Jan. 25, 1932 in Longview, died Oct. 6, 2008 in Gig Harbor, Pierce Co., WA.  She was also known as Jackie Sorrensen.  Her husband was Stanley M. Thurman, born Sep. 26, 1923, died Jun. 30, 2001 in Bothel, King Co., WA.  They were married on Nov. 12, 1965. [Sorenson may have been a previous spouse]

Harrison's son Cecil Raymond, was born May 29, 1908 in Midvale, Washington Co., ID and died on Jun. 22, 1981.  He married Rose Erikson on Aug. 19, 1929 in Clarkston, Asotin Co., WA.  Rose was born Mar. 18, 1912 in Weston, Oneida Co., ID and died Dec. 13, 1994.  Children were: Dennis Cecil, born Feb. 25, 1930 in Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID, died in June 19, 1995 at Payette, Payette Co., ID.  He married Barbara Lee Adams on Mar. 6, 1952 in Winnemucca, Humboldt Co., NV.  She was born on Dec. 30, 1932 in Wendell, Gooding Co., ID and died Feb. 18, 1988 in Milton-Freewater, Umatilla Co., OR; Norman Harry, born Sep. 18, 1940 in Weiser, died Mar. 2, 1965.

The unnamed daughter, child of Harrison in previous blog, was the mother of Carol Ann Bledsoe, now Carol Ann Van Voorde.

Lois Nellie was a daughter of Millard Ray.  She was born Dec. 11, 1917 in St. John, Whitman Co., WA and died in May, 1962.  She married Lee Hemingway, born Nov. 4, 1909, died Dec. 25, 1989.  A son was Jack Edward Hemingway, born Sep. 30, 1940, died Oct., 1977 in Spokane, WA.

November 7, 2010

Francis Marion & Martha Jane Coffey Clark

UPDATED 11/23/2010 with info received from Jerry Dickinson

Francis Marion "Marion" Clark* was the eldest child and a son of John Wesley and Nancy B. Williams Clark.  He was born Apr 5, 1854 in Montezuma, Watauga Co., NC. He married Martha Jane Coffey on Jan. 2, 1875 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co.  Martha was born May 5, 1859 in the Globe to Silas C. & Eleanor or Ellender "Nellie" Green Coffey.  Martha died Apr. 11, 1900 and is buried at Newland in Mitchell Co.

After the death of Nancy Williams Coffey, John Wesley Coffey married a widow with two children: Joseph Green, age 11 and Laura, age 8 in the 1870 Watauga Co. census.  I have not yet identified her first husband but, he was likely related to Nellie.

Marion and Martha's children, all born in Montezuma, were**:

James W. (Will), born Nov. 21, 1875; Francis Newton (Newt), born Aug. 22, 1877; Lola E. (Elzora) born Nov. 25, 1879, died Nov. 22, 1968; Kenneth, born May 28, 1882 and Harrison (Harry), born May 10, 1884. Harry was the grandfather of Carol Ann Bledsoe Van Voorde, the owner of the family photo shown here. He died on May 10, 1931 in Weiser, Washington Co., ID and is buried there at Eastside Cemetery in Midvale. His wife was Mary Jane Cable, married Jan. 5, 1906 in Pullman, Whitman Co., WA. She was born Nov. 9, 1880 in Elkmills, Carter Co., TN and died in Weiser on Oct. 12, 1954. She is also buried at Midvale. Other children were Harrison, born May 1884; David Clingman, born Jul, 20, 1886, died Jul. 8, 1971 in St. John, Whitman Co., WA; Roby Edward, born Mar., 1888; Luther Evans, born May 1890; Millard Ray, born Mar. 23, 1892, died Feb. 27, 1986 in Spokane Co., WA. He married Nellie L. Shawgo in Whitman Co. on Jun. 1, 1913. She was born May 5, 1895 in Ewan, Whitman Co. and died Jan. 6, 1981 in Spokane Co.; Lula Essie Lovina, born Jan. 25, 1895 and Martha Agnes, born Feb. 15, 1900.

Martha Jane like died at the birth, or shortly after the birth of Agnes.  There may also have been a child born between Lela and Harrison, but it does not appear in any census record with the family.***

Francis Marion Clark Family

This photo is of Francis Marion and Martha Jane with their first five children.  I have not found a child named Harry nor one named Kenneth.  Harry may be short for Harrison and Kenneth may be first or middle name for Clingman.  Please drop me a note if you can clear up that bit of confusion.  Also needed are the death dates and burial places for Marion and Martha.

The photo is the property of Carol Ann Bledsoe Van Voorde

1880 Mitchell Co., Linville Twp., ED146, Page 20, dwelling/family 176, Clark, Marion H. [sic], white male, age 26, married, farmer, born NC, father born NC, mother born GA; Martha J., white female, age 21, wife, married, keeping house, born NC, parents born NC; James W., white male, age 4, son, born NC; Francis N., white male, age 2, son, born NC; Lela E., white female, age 7 mos., born Nov., dau., born NC; Clark, Sarah L., white female, age 18, sister, single, born NC, father born NC, mother born NC [sic]

1900 Mitchell Co., Linville Twp., ED98, Sheet 9B, dwelling 166, family 171, Clark, Marion, head, white male, born Apr., 1854, age 46, widower, born NC, father born NC, mother born GA, farmer; Newton, son, white male, born Aug., 1877, age 22, single, born NC; Harrison A., son, white male, born May 1884, age 16, born NC; Clingman, son, white male, born Jul. 1886, age 13, born NC; Roby, son, white male, born Mar 1888, age 12, born NC; Luther, son, white male, born May 1890, age 10, born NC; Ray, son, white male, born Mar., 1892, age 8, born NC; Lula, dau., white female, born Jan., 1895, age 5, born NC; Agnes, dau., female, white, age 4 mos., born NC; Clark, John, father, white male, born Dec., 1828, age 71, widower, born NC, parents born NC; Pendley, Minnie, servant, white female, born Jun 1879, age 29, single, born NC, parents born NC; Foyarten (?), Edith, inmate (?), white female, born Aug., 1833, age 66, single, born NC, parents born NC

*The surname is sometimes found as Clarke.
**Montezuma, founded in 1883, is currently in Avery Co., NC.  It was once a part of Watauga Co., formed in 1849 then Mitchell Co., formed in 1861.  Avery Co. was formed in 1911.
***Jerry shows William Henry Clark, born Nov. 21, 1875 in Boone, Watauga Co., died Jun. 11, 1946.  His birth date is the same as James William, but Wm. Henry does not appear in the 1880 census.  Jerry also shows a son Washington Canada Clark, born May 28, 1882, the same date as Kenneth.  He too must have died early because he does not appear in the 1900 census.

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