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May 2, 2014

Coffey Cousins' 2014 Reunion Is Over!

Another Coffey Cousins' reunion is over!

If I have counted correctly, it was number 30; the first was held in Boone, NC in 1984.

This one was hosted in Brownsburg, IN by Donna Wolfe Hoy who was ably assisted by her husband, Jon.  A grandson, Alexander Clark also lent a hand in assuring that everything went smooth.

Nelda and I left south Louisiana on Wednesday morning, the 23d of April and headed east on I-10.  We eventually turned north on I-55 through MS, across a corner of TN through Memphis, into AR, MO and IL before finally reaching IN Thursday afternoon.

If you don't already know, the US interstate system is rapidly deteriorating and those infamous "orange barrels" were everywhere.  I'm certain those areas under repair needed it, but so did every other mile that we travelled.  I found I-55 through AR, MO and IL to be in very deplorable condition.

When we finally arrived at the Comfort Suites in Brownsburg we were met first by Donna and Jon then later by Tom Coffey, down from MN.  Arriving even earlier from Washington State was Chuck and Linda Maki and Linda's cousin, Cindy Marriott.  They descend from Reuben and Polly Dowell Coffey and had success finding ancestral cemeteries in the area.

Others attending were Nancy Scott and Kathy Whitson, hosts of last years gathering in Eureka, IL; Jean and Wayne Mower of DE; Larry and Mary Coffey of NJ; Danny and Glenda Coffey of KY.  Again, if I have correctly counted, there were 20 of us who gathered to remember previous reunions as well as Coffey ancestors.

Photo From the IHS Facebook Page
After a discussion and several proposals, we have decided to return to Tennessee for the 2015 reunion.  It appears that Mooresville in Grainger Co. will be our target with hopes of pulling a lot of Coffeys and Daltons out of the mountains to attend.  Kathy Whitson, whose Coffey ancestry is in Grainger Co., has volunteered to head up planning and arrangements.  Because she is a professor at Eureka College in Eureka, IL, she will be unable to get away until after May graduation.  So, look for the reunion to take place sometime about mid-May.

Watch for the June issue of the Coffey Cousins' newsletter for more details on the Indiana gathering and our visit to the Indiana Historical Society.

May 24, 2013

The 2013 Coffey Cousins' Reunion

L-R rear: Janet Coffey (IL), Jon Hoy (IN), Larry Coffey (NJ), Jack Coffee (LA)
Danny Coffey (KY), Middle L-R, Nancy Scott (IL), Donna Hoy (IN), Gail 
Bachman (FL), Nelda Coffee (LA); Glenda Coffey (KY), Bill Bachman (FL),
Front L-R: Kathy Whitson (hostess, IL); Ellen Coffey Mohr (NJ). and
Marguerite Coffey Yates (FL).
Dr. Kathy Whitson, a professor of English at Eureka College in Eureka, IL was hostess for the 2013 gathering.  She arranged for us to room on campus in Langston Hall.  With graduation over, the campus was ours.  I must admit, accommodations were much better than I expected.  Kathy’s roots are primarily in Grainger Co., TN.

Kathy had assembled a packet for each of us containing all of the information necessary for finding restaurants, library, and the like.  

I think for the most part the food in that part of the state was especially good.  I did learn however, not to order catfish in Illinois, especially in Eureka and expect traditional (traditional in my state, at least) boneless fillets.  My order came as a whole fish, bones and all.  It was served minus the head and “innerds,” but not well seasoned, the fish fry coating was hard and brittle, but the fish had a decent taste.

Assisting Kathy was Nancy Scott, Director of the Eureka Public Library District.  She arranged a private tour of the local library and an early peek at books, CDs and DVDs the library was selling to raise funds.

Eureka College, as most fans will know, was the Alma Mater of Ronald Reagan.  He was graduated from this small midwestern college in 1932.  The campus is beautiful with a mixture of older and more modern buildings for students and staff.  Photos (better than I could take) of the campus are available at this website.

Kathy arranged for the group to take a private tour of the Metamora (IL) Courthouse Museum, which is centered on Abraham Lincoln artifacts that have been collected through loans and donations.  The building is a state historical site and, one of only two original courthouses still existing from the time Lincoln rode the 8th circuit.  The other courthouse is located in Mt. Pulaski, IL.  The Metamora courthouse where Lincoln often worked as a defense lawyer is located on the second floor and, has been restored to its original 1845 appearance.  Our guide for the tour was Mr. Jean Myers, superintendent of this state historical site.

The traditional banquet was held on our last night in Eureka.  That event was held in the North Terrill Room of the Donald B. Cerf Center.  This wonderful building not only contains a large dining room (the President’s Dining Room) but also the campus snack bar, bookstore, and a Ronald Reagan museum. 

Our speaker for the evening was James. L. Fyke, a man of many disciplines.  In addition to having been a teacher, he was a US Marshal, appointed by Pres. Reagan; served as committeeman for the Woodford Co., IL Republican Central Committee, President of the Woodford Co. Historical Society, founding member of the Harristown Historical and Genealogical Society and, member of several other similar societies.  Mr. Fyke spoke to us about the Effects of the Frontier on American Character. This described how westward movement from the colonies shaped typical American characteristics, including a desire for independence.

We all had a wonderful time filled with laughter and fellowship.  We learned and (hopefully) taught a bit to a new cousins.  While helping Janet Coffey with her genealogy, we discovered that she and Donna Wolfe Hoy are cousins.  How neat is that!?

Great job, Kathy!  We all had a lot of fun with you and Nancy and hope to see you next year.

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