February 14, 2005

Edward and Ann Powell Coffey Webpage

The webpage for this family was updated today, Feb. 14, 2005.

I continue to search for additions and corrections to this file, hoping to create an accurate as possible descendants list. There are obvious errors in the latest posting, but the files mostly represent what is currently known (or speculated) to be the most accurate information available.

To list a few problems found in this latest update:

Nieces married to uncles
People married before they were of legal age
Children with birthdates after their mothers died

Help from researchers who can repair any error is solicited.

Researchers are also asked not to merely copy and paste the information into their own files without verifying the data. The object of this project is to CORRECT information, not to PROPOGATE it. If users cut and paste information known or suspected to be in error they are working against the project and do themselves no service. There is already too much bad information about this family on the web, and we should not be guilty of adding more!

Click on the above title to visit the webpage.

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