February 9, 2005

John Reid and Mary Ann Cross Coffey

John Reid Coffey was a son of Rice and Sarah Bradford Coffey. He was born March 27, 1814 in Wartrace, Bedford Co., TN, and died March 21, 1896 in (probably) Jackson Co., AL. His wife Mary Ann Cross was born Dec. 29, 1831, and died Sep. 6, 1887. They were married Aug. 21, 1849.

The Coffey Cousins' website contains at least two researcher submitted papers on John Reid and Mary Ann. Now, through the courtesy of Pamela Howell we have photographs of John and Mary.

The photographs can be viewed at: http://tinyurl.com/4lzld

The photographs remain the property of Tammy Howell and should not be used in any other website, forum or service where a fee is charged to access them. Her permission should be asked for prior to using them on any other otherwise "free" website.

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