June 30, 2005

Coffee/Coffey in Alabama, Part III

From my personal files:

Julia Coffee - born 1868 in AL, died 27 Nov. 1923 in Memphis, TN; daughter of William and Sarah (Sally) L. Fortune Coffee; Sally was daughter of William M. Fortune, born 1798 in SC, and Mary M. Coffee, born 1821 in SC

Sarah Malinda Coffey - married 1874 to Joseph G. Smith; family Bible of Sarah and Joseph lists their children: 1) Robert Franklin 1874-1935, m. Mary Jane Hicks, Maggie Hambrick; 2) Edward Green 1877-1952, married Myrtle Neel, Arbell Boyd; 3) James Watt 1878-1942, married Rose Hendrix; 4) Maud Della 1880-1950, married Joseph Ben Privett; 5) Claudia Stella 1883-1961, married John Henry Gossett; 6) Joseph Lafayette 1886-1953, married Jerusha Parlee Self; 7) Minnie Viola 1888-1947, married James Franklin Yates; 8) Louis Butler 1890-1968, married Josephine Mount; 9) S. Lee 1891-1960, married Violet Farrington, Flora M. (last name unknown); 10) Dock Oliver 1894-1955, married Lillie Pearl Alldredge; 11) Mattie Jane 1895-1969, married James Homer Williams; 12) Margaret Rachel 1897-1899. All children and parents are buried in Blount Co., AL (CCC, Mar. 1998)

The following are from the Southern Claims Commission, set up to pass on claims by Union sympathizers who claimed property losses because of the "War of Seccession":

Webb Coffee - 1875 Lauderdale Co., His claim number 1965 was disallowed
Absalom Coffee - 1875 Jackson Co., his claim number 4816 was allowed
Rice A. Coffey - 1879 Jackson Co., his claim number 4349 was disallowed

The following were found in the 1883 Montgomery, AL City Directory, 1883-1884:

Nancy Coffey - boarder at 124 Clay St.
Frank Coffey - cook at Station House
Gilbert Coffey - carpenter, Centennial Hill
Ida Coffey & Aline E. Coffey - dressmakers, resides at 621 Alabama
Edward Coffey - janitor at City Market
Sandy Coffey - cook at Exchange Hotel

Aminiah Coffey - married Pies Talley May 6, 1891, Jackson Co., AL (CCC, Mar. 1995)

Ida P. Coffey - born 23 Apr. 1894 and died 26 Sep. 1967, married Walter Duvall, born 6 Apr. 1902, died 20 Jul. 1976 in Courtland, AL. Ida's father was Raymond L. Coffey, born 12 Dec. 1872, died 2 Jul. 1919 and was a Baptist minister. He married Fannie Mullinax in Georgia (Jasper Co.?), and later moved to Lawrence Co., AL (CCC, Sep. 1992)

Rice Coffey - Will dated 1896, witnessed by W. A. Gold and W. J. Robinson

John Clayton Coffey - born Nov. 11, 1911 Hillsboro Co.; moved from AL 26 Feb 1963, and died in Dallas, TX 11 Jul. 1992. Married Mary Elizabeth Cornelius 10 Feb. 1934 in Decatur, AL. Two children: 1) Clayton Douglas, born 11 Dec. 1939, AL, married Marjorie Ann Waters, 29 Apr. 1960, died 27 May 1978 in TX; 2) David Anthony, born 1 Dec. 1946 in AL, married Nabuko Koboyashi 1 Sep. 1968 in TX

This ends Alabama file information.


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I am related through Sarah Malinda Coffey and Joseph G. Smith. I wondered if you know who their parents are. Thanks for posting information on your blog. Sincerely, Penny Habermehl pennylbh@yahoo.com

  2. Penny, Sarah was a daughter of Edmund Bagby and Melissa Jane Sewell Coffey. I will send more via e-mail.



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