September 6, 2005

Coffey Family Cemetery, Orange Co., NY

The following Coffey graves can be found at the Coffey Family Cemetery in Monroe, Orange Co., NY:

Coffey Charles, d. 1/24/1855, 20 yrs [or 26 yrs] s/o Rachel and John Coffey
Coffey, Alvin M., d. 6/10/1864, 45 yrs, s/o Rachel and John Coffey 6/10/1864 45 yrs
Coffey, George, d. 4/14/1854, s/o Rachel and John coffey
Coffey, John, d. 1/19/1861, 79 yrs, husb. of Rachel
Coffey, Mary Ida, b. 5/17/1859, d. 4/12/1861, d/o John and Annie Coffey
Coffey, Rachel, b. 1800, d. 9/3/1870, w/o John Coffey
Coffey, Thomas, d. 5/11/1868, 72 yrs

These grave sites have been documented and posted at Click on the title link to view additional names, and directions to the cemetery.

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