September 26, 2005

The Coffey House

This Coffeytown, VA house was built by Charles E. Coffey c1888 to replace a cruder home that had been built uphill from it. It had passed down through several generations of Coffey descendants until it was recently sold to someone outside the family.

The present owners continue to restore it.

This pen and ink drawing was made by Mary Ann Taylor, who with her husband own property in Coffeytown.

Charles E. Coffey was a son of John Jack Coffey. John Jack was a son of Jordan. Most of his children were raised in this house. According to research by John Taylor, Charles was one of the more successful citizens of Coffeytown. He gave some of his property to the Macedonia Methodist Church, and additional property uphill from the church for a two-room schoolhouse. He was also the proprietor of a store, and ran a post office on his property. When the Federal post office was established, the town was renamed Alto.

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