September 26, 2005

Fiddler's Green

Fiddler's Green
Fiddler's Green is the former home of Daniel Rufus Coffey, a younger brother of Charles E. Coffey. Daniel Rufus fathered a total of 14 children who all lived to marry. His first wife died in childbirth and he remarried Sallie Cole Black Coffey! Sallie survived Daniel Rufus, and spent her final years in Lynchburg and is buried at Springhill Cemetery in Lynchburg. Daniel Rufus and his first wife are buried at Bridgehill in Coffeytown.

Sallie Black Coffey Headstone

Much of the land around the cabin was bare, or in cultivation until after the Great Depression. Today it is surrounded mostly by walnut trees and sits beside Staton's Creek. The house is used today by family members for their annual reunion, which began c1918. Originally intended to bring together the descendants of Daniel Rufus, the reunion is now open to all, and is always held on the last Sunday in July.

A onetime-a-year service is held at the Macedonia church for the reunion attendees who then return to Fiddler's Green for lunch, visiting with one another, and listening to old time music.

Charles E. Coffey and Daniel Rufus Coffey are two of the more prolific Coffey's of Coffeytown. Many of their extended families have not lived in the area for more than 100 years, yet return annually for the reunion to reclaim their roots.

Thanks to John Taylor for providing the photographs, and the background on Fiddler's Green.

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