September 1, 2005

Junior Coffey

I wrote of Junior in March, 2005 citing his tenure as a professional football player. Today I found a photograph of him.

Click on the title link to read what I wrote about him earlier.

Junior Coffey


  1. Junior probably thinks few remember his playing days as a Huskie. I hate to make him "feel his age" but I'm 61 years old and I remember his fullback days with Jim Owens and Bob Schloredt very well. I have those two Rose Bowls victories permanently inscribed on the bottom side of my mother's old coffee table. I was fourteen and fifteen those two years.

  2. HEY JIM...I was 11 that year, and Junior Coffey was my hero on that extraordinary Husky team. Bob Schloredt - the half-blind quarterback - got most of the headlines, but it was JC's running that I admired most...his tenacious will to always gain that extra half yard on every carry. I'm disappointed there isn't more on the web about this team and their accomplishments...seems a 5 minute clip of that game would be available (like there is for the '91 Husky co-championship Rose Bowl). Anyhow, thanks for sharing your memories...hopefully, more will contribute in the future. Sincerely, John Wedin


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