March 19, 2006

Coffee/Coffey in South Carolina

As promised, here is more information from my files. It is only miscellaneous information, and source, where available is included:

Thomas Coffey, Charleston, 1733: The will of Thomas reads: In the name of God, Amen. The Sixth Day of August One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Three, and in the seventh year of the reign of his Majesty, King George, the second, I Thomas Coffey mariner belonging to his Majesty's ship the Alborough Captain John Gascoigne Commander -- I do give and dispose the same unto my dear wife Mary of Charleston in the Province of South Carolina (CC Newsletter, Mar., 1998)

Susannah Coffey, dau. of John Coffey, born 1767, married James McCoy Criag . (CC, Jun., 1997)

Hugh Coffee , (Jr.?) born c1770 Lancaster Co., married Margaret Moore before 1793. Children were Mary, Jincy, Susan, Hugh M., died c1840 in TN

Hugh Coffee, born c1770, brother of Henry and child of Hugh and Agnes Montgomery Coffee (IGI)

Rebecca Coffee , born c1774, of Welsh descent and married Robert Montgomery, born 1765, either in SC or asea when his family immigrated from North Ireland. Children were Hugh, John, Alex, Betsy, Petty, Polly and Jane.

Henry Coffee , and wife Mary of Camden Dist., SC, convey to Thomas Wells of the aforesaid state and sistrict, for 125 pounds of the currency of the State of South Carolina, a tract containing 100 acres in Graven County on the waters of Camp Creek, granted to the said Henry Coffee 30 Sept. 1774. Deed dated 27 July 1778. (Bibliography: Well, Lawrence K., ed. "The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. 1, 2)

Henry Coffee was the son of Hugh Coffee and Agnes Montgomery. He married Rebecca Kirk in 1821 and had children: Elefaire [wonder if this name was really Telfair], Grave, Hugh, born 1770 in Lancaster Co., James, born 1832 in Lancaster Co., Margaret J., born 1827 in Lancaster Co., Mary Matilda, born 1830 in Lancaster Co., and Nancy. Hugh, born 1770 in Lancaster Co. was sibling of Henry. (IGI)

Salathiel Coffee - numerous books refer to Salathiel as son of Chesley and Jane Cleveland. He was born in early 1750's and married an Elizabeth LNU. Found in Chester Co., SC a reference to a July 1788 Court, the following: "Elizabeth Noland, late widow of Salathiel Coffee and Pearce Noland, Plaintiff against James Marion Gore, Defendant." That case seems to establish the maiden name of Noland to the widow of Salathiel. (CC, Sep., 1995)

Joel Coffey, born c1791, Pendleton Dist., married Patricia Cobb. Parents of Rev. John D. Coffee who married Martha Singleton. (CC, Jun., 1996)

Susanna Coffey married James Craig 1792 Lancaster Co.; daughter of John Coffey and Susanna Crocket. (CC, Sep., 1990)

Agnes Nancy Coffey, born 1795 in Lancaster Co., married Samuel Caskey. May be daughter of Hugh Coffey, Jr. The 1992 IGI shows Agnes Nancy as daughter of John Coffey and Ester G. Date of marriage to Samuel is recorded as Dec. 12, 1811 in Lancaster Co. (CC, Dec., 1991)

More later!

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