March 20, 2006

Titian James Coffey

On Monday, Jun. 22, 1863, President Lincoln appointed Assistant Attorney General Titian James Coffey to be Attorney General ad interim, in the absence of Edward Bates. Coffey served in that position until Dec. 1, 1864. I have seen other references to Coffey's appointment on Jan. 22, 1863. The Jun. 22 date was found at the Illinois Historic Preservation website.

It is difficult to find information on Titian. He was born in 1824, died in 1867, but I have found no on-line genealogies, except one, and it is probably not this Titian.

The Titian in that genealogy was born Dec. 4, 1823 in Huntingdon Co., PA, and died Jan. 11, 1897. He was the son of a James Coffey and Margaretta McConnell.

Please contact me if you have any family information on Titian James Coffey.

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