March 3, 2006

Fred Howard Coffey, Part II

Back in Sep., 2005 I published a link to a court case involving Fred Howard Coffey. Since then, Fred's name has popped up in several forums that I visit, and I felt I should look into this fellow a bit more.

Fred was born Mar. 19, 1945 in either VA or NC. He served in the US Navy from 1962 until honorably discharged in 1974. He planned to serve longer but the Navy denied him reenlistment because of pending criminal charges for which he was eventually convicted. He had abducted and raped a 13 yr-old girl, the daughter of another Navy man. Since that time he has been convicted of and remains the suspect in several rapes and homicides involving children.

Fred is currently serving a life sentence with the North Carolina Department of Corrections. The title link will take you to the NCDOC website where you can read more about Fred.

Additional information can be found here. Use your browser's find feature to locate Fred.

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