March 14, 2006

Mills-Coffee Genealogy

I have written previously of my Mills ancestry as proven by DNA testing. Results of that test show that I descend from the William Mills-Sarah Ellis line.

This Mills family and the Ambrose Coffey (c1762-1818) family are closely tied together. William's son, John Mills married Ambrose's daughter, Alice "Alley" Coffey in Wilkes Co., NC in 1804.

Ambrose had a wife named Polly. She is believed to have been his third wife. After Ambrose died in 1818 a Polly Coffey is found as the wife of a John Mills.

Who was this John Mills? How was he related, if at all, to the John Mills who married Alley? Is the Polly Coffey the same Polly Coffey who was Ambrose's widow?

There is a Polly Coffey in Pulaski Co., KY in the 1820 census [11----/11-1], and a Polly Ann Coffey in that county in the 1830 census [1/-11-1]. Based on age alone, it is obvious that they cannot be the same women. If they are at all related, it is likely that Polly Ann in 1830 is the 10-16 year old female in the 1820 household headed by Polly.

In the household with Polly Ann in 1830 are three children, including one male under 5 years.

There is also a marriage record for a Polly Coffey to James McHenry in Pulaski Co. dated Jul. 7, 1821, security Vincent Garner. Was this the Polly of 1820, or the Polly of 1830? Or, was she the Polly who married Ambrose, then John Mills upon the death of Ambrose?

Can anyone ever untangle this mess?

Contact me if you can!

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