March 15, 2006

Nathaniel Jackson and Mary Nancy Carter Coffey

Nathaniel Jackson Coffey
Mary Nancy Carter

Nathaniel Jackson Coffey was born Jan. 2, 1817 in Adair Co., KY and died Aug. 16, 1899 in Tice, Menard Co., IL. He married Mary Nancy Carter, born Nov. 1, 1818 in TN, died Feb. 15, 1892 in Tice. A marriage date is not yet known. Except for the 1880 census I have been unable to find them in any other census record. In that census they were in Menard Co., and had children:

- Tartellian, son, born c1846, KY
- Lumina, dau., born c1848, KY
- Leonard, son, born c1852, IL
- John, son, born c1853, IL
- James, son, born c1855, IL
- Martha, dau., born c1858, IL
- Emma, dau., born c1860, IL
- Nathan, son, born c1862, IL

Nathaniel was the son of Eli and Mary Coffey Coffey. Eli was a son of Salathiel and Elizabeth LNU Coffey. Mary was a daughter of Nathan and Mary Saunders Coffey. I do not yet know the parents of Mary Nancy Carter.

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Photos courtesy Jamie Key

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