March 31, 2006

Nebuzaradon Coffey (1757-1797)

An incorrect assumption concerning the ancestry of Nebuzaradon Coffey has been perpetuated in print, and now on the internet. The incorrect information stems mainly from the circulation of his ancestry by Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). As a result of that, DAR was asked several years ago to close the Joel Coffey line because it incorrectly names Nebuzaradon as his son.

Joel may have been a brother to Nebuzaradon, and did have a son with that name. However, his Nebuzaradon was born much too late (1789) to have married and had a large family by 1797.

The older Nebuzaradon was an executor of Joel's will1 in Wilkes Co., NC which does not name a son Nebuzaradon but makes reference to his wife being with child. Nebuzaradon, son of Joel, was born in August 1789, shortly after the death of his father.

There is no proof that Joel and the elder Nebuzaradon are brothers, but a preponderance of evidence points to them being sons of Chesley and Jane Cleveland Coffey2.

DAR membership based on lineage from Nathan Coffey as a son of Joel are also (probably) in error. This Nathan appears to be another son of Chesley and brother to Joel and Nebuzaradon. Joel's son Nathan was born in 1788, and married Sarah Meredith. He was born much too late to have participated in any Revolutionary War service.

Researched and submitted to Coffey Cousins Newsletter, Dec., 1991, p4, by Daraleen Wade, Salem, OR

1 Joel's will (probate) dated 1789 Wilkes Co., NC. Children listed as James, Joel, Cleveland, Nathan, Katy, Jane and Celia. See will book C, page 321.

2 Researchers should be aware that much controversy exists over the existence of Chesley and Elizabeth Cleveland Coffey. Additional controversy surrounds the child Joel. Family information contained here should be taken with some skepticism until independant research is completed.

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