March 31, 2006

Ananias Coffey (1785-~1850)

I previously wrote about Pauline Orr Coffey and her marriage to Cabiness Coffey, a son of Ananias and Jane Hindman Coffey. Annanias and Jane have a history as follows:

Ananias appeared before the Court of Adair County Kentucky on Monday, Jul. 6, 1807 to answer a complaint by Jane Hindman, a single woman, who charged Ananias "for getting her with Child." Ananias was ordered to pay $100 for the maintenance of the said bastard child.1

Based on the judgement of the court, it appears that Ananias had a change of heart and married on August 24, 1807.2

The marriage produced at least 10 children:

- Nancy, born Apr. 11, 1809
- Zidner, born Jun, 15, 1810
- Cabeius (Cabicus or Cabiness), born Nov. 6, 1811
- Harriett, born Mar. 17, 1813
- Mary, born Dec. 14, 1814
- Eliza, born Oct. 10, 1815
- Marshall, born Apr. 28, 1819
- John David, born Sep. 16, 1821
- Emily Jane, born Aug. 7, 1824
- Louise Caroline, born May 26, 1827

As noted in the footnotes, there is some descrepancy between Bible records and public records as pertains to the marriage of Ananias and Jane. Published records give the marriage date as 24 Aug. 1809.

The Coffey/Hindman Bible record does not list a child born before 1809. That begs the question of whether someone "enhanced" the Bible record or, if the "bastard child" died and was omitted from the Bible record.

1 Adair Co. KY Court Orders, Vol. B, p20
2 Marriage records of Green Co, Book A, p109, as published in the Green County Historical Society. The Bible record records date of marriage as 24 Aug. 1807, and the Green Co. publication lists marriage date as 24 Aug. 1809

[Additional information can be found in Coffey Cousins' Newsletter, Dec., 1991, p4]

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