March 31, 2006

Newton Coffey (1827-1890)

"...My great grandfather, Newton Coffey lived near Stonington Ill. He was a Baptist Minister - a father of 13 children which my grandfather was the oldest. Benjamin Coe, my grandfather, had 4 children, 3 sons & one daughter all deceased. My grandfather, his brother Uncle Bill, and a sister Aunt Nan Williams finally moved to Iowa. All the Coffeys in this area are descendants of these three. Then another brother Uncle Cleve lived in Des Moines. The orhter original family stayed in Ill. near Stonington. My father Ophy lived on a farm near Cambria & Humeston area. There were 8 in our family. Each generation scatters to different areas. Just two of us remained in the region. I am very proud to be a Coffey, and to be raised in a good Christian home. Most of the Cousins in my dads generation have passed on..."

The above was extracted from a letter dated Dec. 19, 1973 and sent to Tom Coffey of Vienna, MO by Isabel Kirchner, a descendant of Newton. The entire contents of the letter can be found in Coffey Cousins' newsletter, June., 1995, p14-15. I have additional information on the ancestors and descendants of Newton. Contact me if you need additional information.

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