April 28, 2006

Chadron Coffey Cousins' Convention

We are now into the first full day of meeting and greeting old and new friends who are attending the 23th annual CC Convention.
This year we are meeting in beautiful,if rural Chadron , in the Nebraska panhandle.

There are 30+ in attendance with some coming from as far away as Virginia.

The weather had been a concern, but daytime temperatures have been in the high 60's with plenty of blue sky.

Chadron is a town of a bit more than 5000 people. It is somewhat of a tourist area with plenty of motels and other facilities that we travellers need and require.

If fear of bad weather and/or bad roads kept you away this year, then you fretted in vain, and have missed a great opportunity to see a beautiful part of our great country, not to mention meeting some wonderful Coffey Cousins.

I hope to be back at my regular keyboard by early June. In the meantime I'm typing this on my new Dell Axim X51v handheld computer.

[Edited to show correct anniversary. The 25th Anniversary will be celebrated at the 2008 convention in Virginia]

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